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96.13. Siehst du! Wie (wäre es) wenn er (die Botschaft) für Lüge erklärt und sich abkehrt?

[ al'Alaq:13 ]

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 Buch: Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab)
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Ansicht der Ahadith 169-180 von 248 Ahadith, Seite 15/21


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Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 166
Narrated Ubai bin Ka'b:

Allah's Apostle said, "Some poetry contains wisdom."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 167
Narrated Jundub:

While the Prophet was walking, a stone hit his foot and stumbled and his toe was injured. He then (quoting a poetic verse) said, "You are not more than a toe which

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 168
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "The most true words said by a poet were the words of Labid. He said, i.e. 'Verily, everything except Allah is perishable and Umaiya bin Abi As-Salt was about to embrace Islam '

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 169
Narrated Salama bin Al-Aqwa:

We went out with Allah's Apostle to Khaibar and we travelled during the night. A man amongst the people said to 'Amir bin Al-Aqwa', "Won't you let us hear your poetry?" 'Amir was a poet, and so he got down and started (chanting Huda) reciting for the people, poetry that keep pace with the camel's foot steps, saying, "O Allah! Without You we would not have been guided on the right path, neither would we have given in charity, nor would we have prayed. So please forgive us what we have committed. Let all of us be sacrificed for Your cause and when we meet our enemy, make our feet firm and bestow peace and calmness on us and if they (our enemy) will call us towards an unjust thing we will refuse.

The infidels have made a hue and cry to ask others help against us. Allah's Apostle said, "Who is that driver (of the camels)?" They said, "He is 'Amir bin Al-Aqwa."' He said, "May Allah bestow His mercy on him." A man among the people said, Has Martyrdom been granted to him, O Allah's Prophet! Would that you let us enjoy his company longer." We reached (the people of) Khaibar and besieged them till we were stricken with severe hunger but Allah helped the Muslims conquer Khaibar. In the evening of its conquest the people made many fires. Allah's Apostle asked, "What are those fires? For what are you making fires?" They said, "For cooking meat." He asked, "What kind of meat?" They said, "Donkeys' meat." Allah's Apostle said, "Throw away the meat and break the cooking pots." A man said, O Allah's Apostle! Shall we throw away the meat and wash the cooking pots?" He said, "You can do that too." When the army files aligned in rows (for the battle), 'Amir's sword was a short one, and while attacking a Jew with it in order to hit him, the sharp edge of the sword turned back and hit 'Amir's knee and caused him to die.

When the Muslims returned (from the battle), Salama said, Allah's Apostle saw me pale and said, 'What is wrong with you?"' I said, "Let my parents be sacrificed for you! The people claim that all the deeds of Amir have been annulled." The Prophet asked, "Who said so?" I replied, "So-and-so and so-and-so and Usaid bin Al-Hudair Al-Ansari said, 'Whoever says so is telling a lie. Verily, 'Amir will have double reward."' (While speaking) the Prophet put two of his fingers together to indicate that, and added, "He was really a hard-working man and a Mujahid (devout fighter in Allah's Cause) and rarely have there lived in it (i.e., Medina or the battle-field) an "Arab like him."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 170
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet came to some of his wives among whom there was Um Sulaim, and said, "May Allah be merciful to you, O Anjasha! Drive the camels slowly, as they are carrying glass vessels!" Abu Qalaba said, "The Prophet said a sentence (i.e. the above metaphor) which, had anyone of you said it, you would have admonished him for it".

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 171
Narrated  Aisha:

Hassan bin Thabit asked the permission of Allah's Apostle to lampoon the pagans (in verse). Allah's Apostle said, "What about my fore-fathers (ancestry)?' Hassan said (to the Prophet) "I will take you out of them as a hair is taken out of dough."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 172
Narrated Al-Haitham bin Abu Sinan:

that he heard Abu Huraira in his narration, mentioning that the Prophet said, "A Muslim brother of yours who does not say dirty words." and by that he meant Ibn Rawaha, "said (in verse): 'We have Allah's Apostle with us who recites the Holy Qur'an in the early morning time. He gave us guidance and light while we were blind and astray, so our hearts are sure that whatever he says, will certainly happen. He does not touch his bed at night, being busy in worshipping Allah while the pagans are sound asleep in their beds.' "

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 173
Narrated Abu Salama bin 'Abdur-Rahman bin 'Auf:

that he heard Hassan bin Thabit Al-Ansari asking the witness of Abu Huraira, saying, "O Abu- Huraira! I beseech you by Allah (to tell me). Did you hear Allah's Apostle saying' 'O Hassan ! Reply on behalf of Allah's Apostle. O Allah ! Support him (Hassan) with the Holy Spirit (Gabriel).'?" Abu Huraira said, "Yes."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 174
Narrated Al-Bara:

The Prophet said to Hassan, "Lampoon them (the pagans) in verse, and Gabriel is with you."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 175
Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

The Prophet said, "It is better for a man to fill the inside of his body with pus than to fill it with poetry."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 176
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle; said, "It is better for anyone of you that the inside of his body be filled with pus which may consume his body, than it be filled with poetry."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 177
Narrated  Aisha:

Allah, the brother of Abu Al-Qu'ais asked my permission to enter after the verses of Al-Hijab (veiling the ladies) was revealed, and I said, "By Allah, I will not admit him unless I take permission of Allah's Apostle for it was not the brother of Al-Qu'ais who had suckled me, but it was the wife of Al-Qu'ais, who had suckled me." Then Allah's Apostle entered upon me, and I said, "O Allah's Apostle! The man has not nursed me but his wife has nursed me." He said, "Admit him because he is your uncle (not from blood relation, but because you have been nursed by his wife), Taribat Yaminuki." 'Urwa said, "Because of this reason, ' Aisha used to say: Foster suckling relations render all those things (marriages etc.) illegal which are illegal because of the corresponding blood relations." (See Hadith No. 36, Vol. 7)

Ansicht von 169-180 von 248 Ahadith, Seite 15/21


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