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33.12. Als die Heuchler und diejenigen, in deren Herzen Krankheit ist, sagten: "Allah und Sein Gesandter haben uns nur Trügerisches versprochen."

[ alAhzab:12 ]

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Ansicht der Ahadith 217-228 von 248 Ahadith, Seite 19/21


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Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 214
Narrated Isma'il:

I asked Abi Aufa, "Did you see Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet ?" He said, "Yes, but he died in his early childhood. Had there been a Prophet after Muhammad then his son would have lived, but there is no Prophet after him."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 215
Narrated Al-Bara:

When Ibrahim (the son of the Prophet) died, Allah's Apostle said, "There is a wet nurse for him in Paradise."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 216
Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah Al-Ansari:

Allah's Apostle said, "Name yourselves after me (by my name) but do not call (yourselves) by my Kuniya (1), for I am Al-Qasim (distributor), and I distribute among you Allah's blessings." This narration has also come on the authority of Anas that the ! Prophet said so."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 217
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "Name yourselves after me (by my name), but do not call yourselves by my Kuniya, and whoever sees me in a dream, he surely sees me, for Satan cannot impersonate me (appear in my figure). And whoever intentionally ascribes something to me falsely, he will surely take his place in the (Hell) Fire.

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 218
Narrated Abu Musa:

I got a son and I took him to the Prophet who named him Ibrahim, and put in his mouth the juice of a date fruit (which be himself had chewed?, and invoked for Allah's blessing upon him, and then gave him back to me. He was the eldest son of Abii Musa.

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 219
Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shuba:

Solar eclipse occurred on the day of Ibrahim's death (the Prophet's son).

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 220
Narrated  Aisha:

(the wife the Prophet) Allah's Apostle said, "O Aisha! This is Gabriel sending his greetings to you." I said, "Peace, and Allah's Mercy be on him." 'Aisha added: The Prophet used to see things which we used not to see.

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 221
Narrated Anas:

Once Um Sulaim was (with the women who were) in charge of the luggage on a journey, and Anjashah, the slave of the Prophet, was driving their camels (very fast). The Prophet said, "O Anjash! Drive slowly (the camels) with the glass vessels (i.e., ladies)."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 222
Narrated Anas:

The Prophet was the best of all the people in character. I had a brother called Abu 'Umar, who, I think, had been newly weaned. Whenever he (that child) was brought to the Prophet the Prophet used to say, "O Abu 'Umar! What did Al-Nughair (nightingale) (do)?" It was a nightingale with which he used to play. Sometimes the time of the Prayer became due while he (the Prophet) was in our house. He would order that the carpet underneath him be swept and sprayed with water, and then he would stand up (for the prayer) and we would line up behind him, and he would lead us in prayer.

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 223
Narrated Sahl bin Sad:

The most beloved names to 'Ali was Abu Turab, and he used to be pleased when we called him by it, for none named him Abu Turab (for the first time), but the Prophet. Once 'Ali got angry with (his wife) Fatima, and went out (of his house) and slept near a wall in the mosque. The Prophet came searching for him, and someone said, "He is there, Lying near the wall." The Prophet came to him while his ('Ali's) back was covered with dust. The Prophet started removing the dust from his back, saying, "Get up, O Abu Turab!"

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 224
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "The most awful name in Allah's sight on the Day of Resurrection, will be (that of) a man calling himself Malik Al-Amlak (the king of kings)."

Band: 8, Buch: 73, Nummer: 225
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "The most awful (meanest) name in Allah's sight." Sufyan said more than once, "The most awful (meanest) name in Allah's sight is (that of) a man calling himself king of kings." Sufyan said, "Somebody else (i.e. other than Abu Az-Zinad, a sub-narrator) says: What is meant by 'The king of kings' is 'Shahan Shah.,"

Ansicht von 217-228 von 248 Ahadith, Seite 19/21


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