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20.106. und sie dann als leere Ebene zurücklassen,

[ Ta Ha:106 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 248

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

12.104. Wama tas-aluhum AAalayhi min adschrinin huwa illa dhikrun lilAAalamiina

12.104. Thou askest them no fee for it. It is naught else than a reminder unto the peoples. (Pickthall)

12.104. Und du bittest sie dafür nicht um Belohnung, es ist nur eine Erinnerung für die Welten. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

12.104. Und du verlangst von ihnen keinen Lohn dafür. Es ist nur eine Ermahnung für die Weltenbewohner. (Bubenheim)

12.104. Du verlangst von ihnen keinen Lohn. Das ist nichts anderes als Ermahnung für alle Welten. (Azhar)

12.104. Und du verlangst von ihnen dafür keine Belohnung. Es ist nur eine Ermahnung für die ganze Schöpfung. 1 (Zaidan)

12.104. Und du verlangst von ihnen keinen Lohn dafür (daß du ihnen die Offenbarung verkündest). Es ist (keine persönliche Angelegenheit, vielmehr) eine Mahnung für die Menschen in aller Welt (al-`aalamuun). (Paret)

12.104. Und du verlangst von ihnen keinen Lohn dafür. Vielmehr ist es eine Ermahnung für alle Welten. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 102 bis 104

O Muhammad! this story which We are revealing to you is of those things that were not known to you: for you were not with the brothers when they had conspired together a plot against Joseph. Yet most of the people are not going to believe it, howsoever eager ( 72 ) you may be, and may even demand no recompense for this Message: it is simply an instruction for all the people of the world. ( 73 )

Desc No: 72
In order to grasp the full significance of the underlying admonition implied in it, we must keep in view the background of the Revelation of this story given in the introduction to this Surah. The Quraish themselves had invited the Holy Prophet to a meeting that had been arranged for putting him to a test which was to show whether he was a we Prophet or not. When he arrived there, they put him this question without any previous notice or intimation: why did the Israelites go to Egypt? In answer to this, the Holy Prophet recited this Surah then and there. As they themselves knew that this was an abrupt question and there had been no preparation for its answer beforehand, it was expected that they would 'believe in his Prophethood. But they were so obdurate that they did not believe in him even then. As Allah was aware of their intentions, he informed His Messenger beforehand, as if to say, "Though you have come out successful in the test, to which they themselves put you, yet most of them are not going to believe it because they are not sincere in their quest for the truth. That is why they will not believe even now when the revelation of this Surah has proved conclusively that the Qur'an is not being forged by you but is being sent down by Allah Himself. As their real aim and intention is to reject your Message anyhow, they will now invent another excuse for their denial. "
This is not meant to remove any misunderstanding the Holy Prophet might have cherished, but is merely an indirect warning to the questioners that Allah knew their intentions well. This was meant to warn them like this: "O obdurate people ! this Surah has been placed before you to serve as a mirror for you. You demanded a proof from Our Messenger that he was not forging the Qur'an: had you been reasonable and sincere people, you would have accepted the truth that has been established according to your own test, but you are obdurate people and are still denying it. " 

Desc No: 73
This is another admonition more subtle than the one given above. Though this, too, has been addressed to the Holy Prophet, it is meant for the unbelievers, as if to say, "O people ! consider your attitude towards the Message from another point of view. Had you noticed anything in the Mission and the Message of Our Prophet that might have smelt of any self-interest whatever, you would have been justified in rejecting it as the work of a selfish person. But you yourselves have experienced it that he has absolutely no self-interest in his work and demands no recompense for the Message, which is nothing but instruction for all the people of the world. Therefore you should listen to it and consider it without prejudice and make your decisions about it on merit and merit alone. "  "

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