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5.10. Diejenigen aber, die ungläubig sind und Unsere Zeichen für Lüge erklären, das sind Insassen des Höllenbrandes.

[ alMa'ida:10 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 258

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

14.20. Wama dhalika AAala AllahibiAAaziizin

14.20. And that is no great matter for Allah. (Pickthall)

14.20. Und dies ist für Allah nichts Mächtiges, (Ahmad v. Denffer)

14.20. Und dies ist für Allah keineswegs schwer. (Bubenheim)

14.20. Das ist für Gott nicht schwer. (Azhar)

14.20. Und dies ist ALLAH nicht unmöglich. (Zaidan)

14.20. Das fällt Allah nicht schwer. (Paret)

14.20. Und das ist für Allah keineswegs schwer. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 18 bis 20

The works of those who disbelieved may be likened, to the ashes which the wind scatters on a stormy day. They shall not be able to gain anything from what they did. ( 25 ) This is the extreme deviation. Do you not see that Allah has based the creation of the heavens and the earth on truth ? ( 26 ) If He will, He can put you away and bring in a new creation in your place. And that is not at all a difficult thing for Allah. ( 27 )

Desc No: 25
That is, "Those who were perfidious, faithless, and disobedient to the Divine Message, and refused to adopt that Way to which the Messengers invited, will find in the end that all the deeds and earnings of their lives were as worthless as a heap of ashes. Just as each and every particle of a high mound of ashes formed during a long course of years is scattered by the wind on a stormy day, likewise all their grand works will prove on the stormy Doomsday to be no more than a mound of ashes. Their dazzling culture, their grand civilization, their wonderful kingdoms and states, their magnificent universities, their sciences and their literatures, nay, even their hypocritical worship, and so-called virtuous deeds, their charitable and reformative works of which they were very proud in the worldly lift, shall prove to be as worthless as a heap of ashes, and will be scattered by the "Storm" of the Day of Resurrection. So much so that there shall not remain a single particle of their works worthy of being placed in the Divine scale on that Day in their favour. 

Desc No: 26
This is the proof of the preceding statement that the works of the disbelievers arc worthless like ashes. The question implies: "Why are you sceptical of this ? Do you not see that .the grand system of the earth and the heavens is based on the survival of Truth and not on the survival of falsehood. Everything bears witness to the fact that anything which is not based on truth and reality but rests on unreal speculation and guess-work cannot continue W live long. Therefore anyone who builds his works on the latter will most surely fail in his designs. For it is obvious that such a person builds his works on sand and should not, therefore, expect that they can last long. Likewise those who discard the truth and reality and build their works on false theories and presumptions should not expect at all that they can have any lasting value for they are bound to be scattered like worthless ashes. If this is obvious as it is, why should you cherish any doubts about the fact that anyone who builds the system of his life on the basis that he is independent of Allah or on the god-head of someone else (whereas there is no other God) shall inevitably find all his works to be worthless? When the fact is that man is not absolutely independent in this world nor is he the servant of anyone else than Allah, why should you not expect that anyone who builds his works on this falsehood, shall find that all his works were worthless like the heap of ashes that was scattered all over by the wind?" 

Desc No: 27
This is by way of admonition that follows immediately the proof of the statement in the preceding verse. This removes also any doubt that might arise concerning that decisive statement. One might question it like this: "If the creation is really based on the survival of truth, why is it that every follower of falsehood and every wrong-doer is not destroyed forthwith?" This is the answer: "O foolish man! Do you think that it is difficult for Allah to destroy such a person? Or, do you think that Allah does not destroy him because he has some close relationship with Him? If this is not so, and you yourself know that it is not so, you should understand it well that any community that follows falsehood and commits wicked deeds is always in danger of being removed to make room for a better community to work in its stead. If respite is given and the threat does not take a practical shape it dces not mean that there is no danger at all. Instead of being neglectful, you should make use of every moment of this respite and realize that the false system which you arc following is not stable and durable. You should, therefore, build it on stable and durable foundations."  "

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