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19.98. Und wie viele Geschlechter haben Wir vor ihnen vernichtet! Nimmst du noch irgend jemanden von ihnen wahr, oder hörst du von ihnen noch den geringsten Laut?

[ Maryam:98 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 298

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

18.44. Hunalika alwalayatu lillahialhaqqi huwa khayrun thawaban wakhayrun AAuqban

18.44. In this case is protection only from Allah, the True. He is best for reward, and best for consequence. (Pickthall)

18.44. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

18.44. In dem Fall gehört (all) die Schutzherrschaft Allah, dem Wahren. Er ist der Beste im Belohnen, und Er verschafft den besten Ausgang. (Bubenheim)

18.44. Sicheren Beistand gewährt Gott, der einzig Wahre, allein. Er ist es, Der die beste Belohnung bescheren und die beste letzte Bleibe im Jenseits sichert. (Azhar)

18.44. Da ist die wahre Herrschaft für ALLAH. ER gewährt eine bessere Belohnung und ein besseres Ende. (Zaidan)

18.44. In jenem (letzten) Stadium hat (nur noch) Allah, der Wahre, Freundschaft zu bieten (hunaalika l-walaayatu li-llaahi l-haqqi). Bei ihm wird man am besten belohnt und findet den besten Ausgang. (Paret)

18.44. Insofern gibt es Schutz nur bei Allah, dem Wahren. Er ist der Beste im Belohnen und der Beste, was den Ausgang (der Dinge) anbelangt. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 37 bis 44

His neighbour rebuked him during the conversation, saying, "What ! do you disbelieve in the Being Who has created you from clay, then from sperm drop and shaped you as a perfect man ( 39 ) ? As for myself; Allah alone is my Lord and I set up no partners with Him. And when you were entering your garden, why didn't you say, `Only that shall happen what He will: neither I nor any one else has any power. ( 40 ) If you find me now less in wealth and offspring than you, my Lord may bestow on me a better garden than yours and send from heaven on your garden a catastrophe that might turn it into a barren plain, or its water might sink into the earth and you may not be able to bring it out in any way." At last (it so happened that) all his fruit produce was destroyed and, seeing his vines overturned on the trellises, he began to wring his hands at the loss of what he had spent on it, saying, "I wish I had not associated a partner with my Lord! "He was so helpless that neither could he find any host to help him against Allah, nor was himself able to avert that catastrophe-It was then that he realized that all the power of helping rests with Allah, the True One. That reward is the best Which He bestows and that end is the-best to which He leads.

Desc No: 39
This shows that "unbelief " in Allah is not confined to the denial of the existence of God in so many words, but arrogance, pride, vanity and the denial of the Hereafter are also kufr. Although that person did not deny the existence of Allah, may be he professed it as is apparent from his words ("If ever I am returned to my Lord-"), yet in spite of his profession, his neighbour charged him with unbelief in Allah. This is because the person, who considers his wealth and his grandeur etc., to be the fruits of his own power and capability and not the favours of Allah, and who thinks that they are everlasting and none can take than away from hint and that he is not accountable to anyone, is guilty of "unbelief in Allah", even though he might profess belief in Him, for he acknowledges Allah as a Being and 'not as his Master, Owner and Sovereign. In fact, belief in Allah demands not merely the profession of His existence but also the acknowledgment of His Sovereignty, Mastery, Rule and the like. 

Desc No: 40
That is, "If we are able to do anything, it is by the help and support of Allah alone." 

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