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20.80. O Kinder Isra´ils, Wir retteten euch ja vor eurem Feind, verabredeten Uns mit euch auf der rechten Seite des Berges und sandten das Manna und die Wachteln auf euch hinab:

[ Ta Ha:80 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 364

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

25.50. Walaqad sarrafnahu baynahumliyadhdhakkaruu faaba aktharu alnnasiilla kufuuran

25.50. And verily We have repeated it among them that they may remember, but most of mankind begrudge aught save in gratitude. (Pickthall)

25.50. Und Wir haben es schon zwischen ihnen abgewechselt, damit sie sich mahnen lassen, und die meisten Menschen weigern sich nur als Glaubensverweigernde. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

25.50. Und Wir verteilen es ja unter ihnen auf verschiedene Weise, damit sie bedenken. Aber die meisten Menschen weisen (alles) zurück außer dem Unglauben. (Bubenheim)

25.50. Wir haben (den Koran) auf verschiedene Weise gestaltet, damit sie darüber nachdenken und sich belehren lassen. Doch die meisten Menschen widersetzten sich ihm und verharrten im Unglauben. (Azhar)

25.50. Und gewiß, bereits teilten WIR ihn zwischen ihnen auf, damit sie sich besinnen. Doch diemeisten Menschen lehnten dann ab, außer dem äußersten Kufr. (Zaidan)

25.50. Und wir haben es (das Wasser) doch (verschiedentlich) unter ihnen verteilt, damit sie sich mahnen lassen würden. Aber die meisten Menschen wollten nichts anderes als ungläubig sein. (Paret)

25.50. Und Wir haben es (das Wasser) unter ihnen verteilt, um sie zu ermahnen. Die meisten Menschen jedoch lehnen alles ab, nur nicht den Unglauben. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 48 bis 50

And it is He, Who drives the winds to be the harbingers of His 48-50 mercy: then He sends down pure water ( 62 ) from the sky so that He may revive the dead land, and quench the thirst of many of His creatures from among beasts and men. ( 63 ) We present the same phenomenon over and over again before them ( 64 ) so that they may learn a lesson from it; but most people decline to adopt any other attitude than of disbelief and ingratitude. ( 65 )

Desc No: 62
That is, such water as is pure and free from all sorts of impurities, germs and poison, which cleanses and washes away filth and becomes a source of life for men, beasts as well as all kinds of plant life.  

Desc No: 63
This verse also gives proofs of the Doctrine of Tauhid and the Hereafter. Besides, it contains a subtle suggestion that the period of the "drought" of ignorance has been replaced through Allah's mercy by the "blessed rain" of Prophethood, which is showering the life-giving knowledge of Revelation from which many servants of Allah will certainly benefit, if not all . 

Desc No: 64
"We present...before them" may have three meanings:
(1)"We have cited the phenomenon of rainfall over and over again in the Qur'an in order to make plain to them the Reality."
(2) "We are time and again showing them the wonderful phenomenon of the heat and drought, seasonal winds and clouds, rainfall and its lifeproducing effects."
(3) "We go on changing the system of the distribution of rainfall throughout the , world year after year, so that the same place does not receive the same amount of rainfall every time: sometimes a place is left completely dry, another has more or less of rainfall than usual, while some other is flooded with rain water. They see all these different phenomena with their countless different results in their daily life." 

Desc No: 65
The verse means to impress that the wonderful system of rainfall is by itself a proof of the existence of Allah, of One Lord of the universe, and of His attributes. Its wonderful distribution during the year and over different parts of the earth is a clear proof that there is an All-Wise Designer. But the obdurate disbelievers do not learn any lesson from it, and persist in their ingratitude, though this has been cited in the Qur'an repeatedly for this purpose.
It is also a proof of the life-after-death, for the disbelievers themselves see and again that rainfall brings to life dead land year after year. This clearly that Allah has the power to bring the dead back to life, but the disbelievers it time proves do not learn any lesson from it and persist in their irresponsible ways .
If verse 48 is taken in the metaphorical sense, the "pure water" of rain will mean the blessings of Prophet hood. Human history shows that whenever this blessing as been sent down, ignorance has been replaced by knowledge, injustice by justice and wickedness by righteousness. The coming of Prophets has always proved to be the harbinger of a moral revolution. But only those who accepted their guidance benefited from it. This is the lesson of history, yet the disbelievers reject it because of their ingratitude.   "

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