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16.39. damit Er ihnen das klar macht, worüber sie uneinig sind, und damit diejenigen, die ungläubig sind, wissen, daß sie Lügner waren.

[ anNahl:39 ]

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

3.168. Alladhiina qaluu li-ikhwanihimwaqaAAaduu law ataAAuuna ma qutiluu qul faidrauuAAan anfusikumu almawta in kuntum sadiqiina

3.168. Those who, while they sat at home, said of their brethren (who were fighting for the cause of Allah): If they had been guided by us they would not have been slain. Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Then avert death from yourselves if ye are truthful. (Pickthall)

3.168. Diejenigen, die von ihren Brüdern sagten - und sie sind da sitzen geblieben: "Wenn sie uns gehorcht hätten, wären sie nicht getötet worden." Sag: So weist von euch selbst das Sterben ab, wenn ihr wahrhaft seid. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

3.168. Diejenigen, die von ihren Brüdern sagten, während sie (selbst daheim) sitzen blieben: "Wenn sie uns gehorcht hätten, wären sie nicht getötet worden". Sag: So wehrt den Tod von euch selbst ab, wenn ihr wahrhaftig seid! (Bubenheim)

3.168. Diejenigen, die zurückgeblieben waren, sagten über ihre Gefährten, die zum Kampf ausgezogen waren: "Hätten sie auf uns gehört, wären sie nicht auf dem Schlachtfeld gefallen. " Sprich: "Wenn das die Wahrheit ist, was ihr sagt, so wendet doch den Tod von euch ab!" (Azhar)

3.168. Diejenigen, die von ihren Brüdern sagten, während sie selbst zurückblieben: „Hätten sie auf uns gehört, wären sie nicht getötet worden.“ Sag: ‚Dann wendet von euch selbst den Tod ab, so ihr wahrhaftig seid.‘ (Zaidan)

3.168. (Das sind) diejenigen, die hinsichtlich ihrer Brüder sagen, während sie (selber) daheim geblieben sind: "Wenn sie uns gehorcht hätten (und daheim geblieben wären), wären sie nicht getötet worden." Sag: Wehrt doch den Tod von euch selber ab, wenn (anders) ihr die Wahrheit sagt! (Paret)

3.168. (Das sind) diejenigen, die zu ihren Brüdern sagten, während sie daheim blieben: "Hätten sie uns gehorcht, wären sie nicht erschlagen worden." Sprich: "So wehrt von euch den Tod ab, wenn ihr wahrhaftig seid." (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 165 bis 168

And how is it that, when a disaster befell you, you exclaimed, "Whence is this? ( 115 ) You yourselves had (in the battle of Badr) inflicted twice as great a disaster (on your enemy). ( 116 ) O Prophet, say to them, "You yourselves have brought about this disaster upon yourselves." ( 117 ) Allah has, indeed, power over everything. ( 118 ) It was by Allah's leave that you suffered the loss on the day the two armies met so that Allah might test the true believers and also the hypocrites. When these hypocrites were told to come and fight in the way of Allah or at least in the defence (of their city), they said, "Had we known that the fighting would take place today, we would have certainly gone out with you." ( 119 ) At the time they were uttering these words, they were nearer to unbelief than to faith, for they utter with their tongues what is not in their hearts; but Allah knows well what they conceal in their hearts. These are the very people who, while they themselves stayed at home, said of their brethren, who had gone to the battle and had been slain, "If they had obeyed us, they would not have been slain." Tell them, "If you really believe in what you say, you should turn away your own death, when it comes to you."

Desc No: 115
This verse is meant to remove the confusion caused in the minds of the common Muslims by the reverse at Uhd. Though the intimate Companions close to the Holy Prophet were under no delusion that his mere presence among them was a sure guarantee of success, yet the common Muslims were suffering from this misunderstanding. They thought that the disbelievers could in no way win a victory over them because the Holy Prophet was present among them and the help and succour of Allah was with them. Therefore, when contrary to their expectations, they met with a reverse at Uhd, they began to ask questions like this: why has this misfortune befallen us, who were fighting for the cause of Allah, and that, too, at the hands of the disbelievers, who had come to destroy Islam? Above all, they could not understand this because Allah had promised to help and succour them and the Holy Prophet was himself present in the battlefield. They have been told that they themselves were responsible for the disaster.  

Desc No: 116
In the battle of Uhd, 70 Muslims were martyred whereas in the battle of Badr, 70 disbelievers were killed and 70 taken as prisoners.  

Desc No: 117
That is, "It is the result of your own weakness and wrong acts: you did not show patience; you did things which were against piety; you disobeyed the order of your leader; you became victims of greed and you got engaged in disputes among yourselves: still you ask, "Where has this disaster come from?" defeat. " 

Desc No: 118
That is, "Allah is able to give victory and is also able to bring about 

Desc No: 119
This was the pretext with which `Abdullah bin Ubayy returned to AlMadinah with his 300 men from his way to the battlefield. When the Muslims perceived that he was about to desert the Muslim army, they tried to persuade him to accompany them but he replied, "We are quite certain that there will be no battle today. That is why we are returning home; we would have most surely accompanied you, if we had expected any battle today."  

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