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38.26. O Dawud, Wir haben dich zu einem Statthalter auf der Erde gemacht. So richte zwischen den Menschen der Wahrheit entsprechend und folge nicht der Neigung, auf daß sie dich nicht von Allahs Weg abirren läßt, denn für diejenigen, die von Allahs Weg abirren, wird es strenge Strafe dafür geben, daß sie den Tag der Abrechnung vergessen haben.

[ Sad:26 ]

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

3.175. Innama dhalikumu alschschaytanuyukhawwifu awliyaahu fala takhafuuhum wakhafuuniin kuntum mu/miniina

3.175. It is only the devil who would make (men) fear his partisans. Fear them not; fear Me, if ye are true believers. (Pickthall)

3.175. Dies ist ja für euch der Teufel, er macht Angst vor seinen Schutzfreunden also fürchtet nicht sie, sondern fürchtet Mich, wenn ihr Gläubige seid. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

3.175. Dies ist nur der Satan, der (euch) mit seinen Gefolgsleuten Furcht einzuflößen sucht. Fürchtet sie aber nicht, sondern fürchtet Mich, wenn ihr gläubig seid! (Bubenheim)

3.175. Der Satan ist es, der seine Anhänger mit Angst erfüllt. Fürchtet euch nicht vor ihnen, sondern Mich sollt ihr fürchten, wenn ihr wirklich glaubt! (Azhar)

3.175. Dies war nichts anderes als der Satan, er macht seinen Wali Angst. So fürchtet sie nicht! Doch fürchtet (nur) Mich, solltet ihr Mumin sein. (Zaidan)

3.175. Das (was euch da vorschwebt) kommt vom Satan. Er macht (euch) vor seinen Freunden Angst. Ihr sollt nun aber nicht vor ihnen Angst haben, sondern vor mir, wenn (anders) ihr gläubig seid. (Paret)

3.175. Es ist wahrlich Satan, der seine Helfer fürchten lassen will; fürchtet sie aber nicht, sondern fürchtet Mich, wenn ihr gläubig seid. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 172 bis 175

As for those, who responded to the call of Allah and His Messenger even after receiving the injury ( 122 ) there will be a great reward for such of those who do righteous works and refrain from evil and who, ( 123 ) when the people said to them, "Big armies have gathered against you: so fear them," became more firm in their Faith, and answered, "Allah is all sufficient for us, for He is the best Protector." Ultimately they returned home with the blessing and grace of Allah; they did not suffer any harm at all. Besides this, they had the, honour of following what pleased Allah, and Allah's bounty is infinite. (Now you must have realized that) it was Satan who was frightening the people with the fear of his friends; therefore in future do not fear men but fear Me, if you are true believers. ( 124 )

Desc No: 122
This verse alludes to those devoted servants of Islam who willingly accompanied the Holy Prophet in his pursuit of the Quraish at that critical juncture.
After the Battle of Uhd, the Quraish marched back towards Makkah. When they had covered a good deal of distance from Al-Madinah, they realized that they had not utilised the golden opportunity of crushing the power of Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him) and they began to regret: what a folly have we committed by losing that excellent chance! Accordingly, they halted and held a council of war. Though they were in favour of returning to Al-Madinah and making a sudden attack, yet they could not muster up courage and continued their march towards Makkah. At the same time, the Holy Prophet surmised an attack from the enemy; so he assembled the Muslims on the next day after the battle of Uhd and said, "Let us go in pursuit of the Quraish." Although that was a very critical situation, yet the believers and the devoted servants of Allah responded to the call and willingly marched with the Holy Prophet to Hamra-ul-Asad, a place at a distance of 8 miles from Al-Madinah.  

Desc No: 123
VV. 173-175 were sent down a year after the Battle of Uhd, but have been included in this discourse because they deal with the events which are connected with the same.  

Desc No: 124
This refers to the terrifying rumours which were being spread in Al-Madinah. On the occasion of his return from Uhd, Abu Sufyan had challenged the Muslims to a fight the following year at Badr. But when the time approached, he could not fmd courage on account of the famine that was raging in Makkah. So in order to save face, he tried to shift on to the Muslims the responsibility for the postponement. Accordingly, he sent a special spy to AI-Madinah to terrify them by spreading rumours that the Quraish were making great preparations for war and collecting such a large army as could defeat any army in Arabia. This device of Abu Sufyan succeeded in producing the desired panic. When the Holy Prophet made an appeal to the Muslims to meet the Quraish in combat at Badr, it failed to produce any encouraging response. So much so that the Messenger of Allah had to declare before the gathered assembly, "I will go to the combat all alone, if none else is willing to go." It was then that 1,500 devotees volunteered to accompany him, and he reached Badr with them. From the other side,Abu Sufyan left Makkah with an army of 2,000 men. But after two days' journey, he told his men that it did not appear to suit them to have a fight that year, and that they would come next year for it. Accordingly, he returned to Makkah with his men. The Holy Prophet, however, waited for him at Badr for eight days. During these days, his Companions did profitable business with a trading party. Then he came to know that the disbelievers had gone back to Makkah, and he returned to AIMadinah.   "

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