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5.108. Das ist eher geeignet, daß sie das Zeugnis, wie es sein soll, ablegen oder sie befürchten (müssen), daß nach ihren Eiden wieder (andere) Eide (geschworen) werden. Und fürchtet Allah und hört! Allah leitet das Volk der Frevler nicht recht.

[ alMa'ida:108 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 406

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

30.21. Wamin ayatihi an khalaqa lakummin anfusikum azwadschan litaskunuu ilayha wadschaAAalabaynakum mawaddatan warahmatan inna fii dhalika laayatinliqawmin yatafakkaruuna

30.21. And of His signs is this: He created for you helpmeets from yourselves that ye might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo, herein indeed are portents for folk who reflect. (Pickthall)

30.21. Und eines von Seinen Zeichen ist, daß Er euch von euch selber Gattinnen geschaffen hat, damit ihr bei ihr ruht, und Er hat zwischen euch Liebe und Barmherzigkeit gemacht. Hierin sind ja bestimmt Zeichen für Leute, die nachdenken. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

30.21. Und es gehört zu Seinen Zeichen, daß Er euch aus euch selbst Gattinnen erschaffen hat, damit ihr bei ihnen Ruhe findet; und Er hat Zuneigung und Barmherzigkeit zwischen euch gesetzt. Darin sind wahrlich Zeichen für Leute, die nachdenken. (Bubenheim)

30.21. Zu Seinen Zeichen gehört, dass Er euch aus eurer Art Gattinnen erschaffen hat, damit ihr bei ihnen Ruhe findet, und Er hat zwischen euch Liebe und Barmherzigkeit bewirkt. Darin sind Zeichen für Menschen, die nachdenken können. (Azhar)

30.21. Ebenso zu Seinen Ayat zählt, dass ER für euch von eurem Wesen Partnerwesen erschuf, damit ihr bei ihnen Geborgenheit findet. Und ER setzte zwischen euch Liebe und Barmherzigkeit. Gewiß, darin sind doch Ayat für Leute, die nachdenken. (Zaidan)

30.21. Und zu seinen Zeichen gehört es, daß er euch aus euch selber Gattinnen geschaffen hat (indem er zuerst ein Einzelwesen und aus ihm das ihm entsprechende Wesen machte), damit ihr Frieden bei ihnen findet. Und er hat bewirkt, daß ihr einander in Liebe (mawadda) und Güte (rahma) zugetan seid. Darin liegen Zeichen für Leute, die nachdenken. (Paret)

30.21. Und unter Seinen Zeichen ist dies, daß Er Gattinnen für euch aus euch selber schuf, auf daß ihr Frieden bei ihnen finden möget; und Er hat Zuneigung und Barmherzigkeit zwischen euch gesetzt. Hierin liegen wahrlich Zeichen für ein Volk, das nachdenkt. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 21 bis 21

And of His Signs is this that He has created for you wives from your own species ( 28 ) that you may find peace with them, ( 29 ) and created love and mercy between you. ( 30 ) Surely in this there are many Signs for those who reflect.

Desc No: 28
That is, "The Creator's perfect wisdom is such that He has not created man in one sex only but in two sexes, which are identical in humanity, which have the same basic formula of their figure and form, but the two have been created with different physical structures, different mental and psychological qualities, and different emotions and desires. And then there has been created such a wonderful harmony between the two that each is a perfect counterpart of the other. The physical and psychological demands of the one match squarely with the physical and psychological demands of the other. Moreover, the Wise Creator is continuously creating the members of the two sexes in such a proportion since the dawn of the creation that in no nation and in no region has it ever happened that only boys or only girls may have been born. This is one thing in which human intelligence has absolutely no part to play. Man cannot at all influence the course of nature according to which girls continue to be born with the feminine qualities and the boys with the masculine qualities, which are perfectly complimentary to each other, nor has he any means by which he may change the proportion in which men and women continue to be born everywhere in the world. The working of this system and' arrangement so harmoniously and perpetually in the birth of millions and billions of human beings since thousands of years cannot be accidental either, nor the result of the. common will of many gods. This is a clear indication of the reality that One Wise Creator and One only, in the beginning made a most appropriate design of a man and a woman by His Infinite Wisdom and Power and then made arrangements that precisely in accordance with that design countless men and countless women should be born along with their separate individual qualities in the right proportion."  

Desc No: 29
That is, "This system has not come about by chance, but the Creator has brought it about deliberately with the object that the man should find fulfilment of the demands of his nature with the woman and the woman. with the man, and the two should find peace and satisfaction in association and attachment with each other. This is the wise arrangement which the Creator has made the means of the survival of the human race, on the one hand, and of bringing the human civilization into existence, on the other. If the two sexes had been created on different patterns and designs, and the state of agitation which changes into peace and tranquillity only through union and attachment between the two had not been placed in each, the human race might have survived like sheep and goats, but there was no possibility of the birth of a civilization. Contrary to all other species of animal life; the fundamental factor that has helped create human civilization is that the Creator by His wisdom has placed a desire and a thirst and a lodging in the two sexes for each other, which remains unsatisfied unless the two live in complete attachment and association with each other. This same desire for peace and satisfaction compelled them to make a home together. This same desire brought families and clans into being, and this same desire made social life possible for man. In the development of social life man's mental capabilities have certainly been helpful, but they were not its real motives. The real motivating force was the same longing with which man and woman were endowed and which compelled them to establish the '"home". Can anyone possessed of common sense say that this masterpiece of wisdom has come about by chance through the blind forces of nature? Or, that it has been arranged so by many gods, and countless men and women have been continuously coming into being with the same natural longing since thousands of years? This is a Sign of the wisdom of One Wise Being, and of One only, which the people devoid of common sense only can refuse to acknowledge.  

Desc No: 30
"Love" here means sexual love, which becomes the initial motive for attraction between man and woman, and then keeps them attached to each other. "Mercy" implies the spiritual relationship which gradually develops in the matrimonial life, by virtue of which they become kindly, affectionate and sympathetic towards each other; so much so that in old age, sexual love falls into the background and the two partners in life prove to be even more compassionate towards each other than they were when young. These two are the positive forces which the Creator has created in man to support the initial longing of his nature. That longing and restlessness only seeks peace and satisfaction and brings the man and the woman into contact with each other. After that these two forces emerge and bind the two strangers brought up in different environments so intimately together that the two remain attached to each other through every thick and thin of life. Evidently, this love and mercy which is being experienced by millions and millions of people in their lives, is not anything material, which may be weighed and measured, nor can it be traced back to any of the constituent element of human body, nor the cause of it birth and growth found out in a laboratory. The only explanation of this can be that the human self has ban endowed with it by a Wise Creator, Who has done so of His own will to serve a special purpose.  "

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