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26.39. Und es wurde zu den Menschen gesagt: "Werdet (auch) ihr euch nun wohl versammeln?

[ asSu'ara:39 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 414

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

31.30. Dhalika bi-anna Allaha huwa alhaqquwaanna ma yadAAuuna min duunihi albatilu waanna Allahahuwa alAAaliyyu alkabiiru

31.30. That (is so) because Allah, He is the True, and that which they invoke beside Him is the False, and because Allah, He is the Sublime, the Great. (Pickthall)

31.30. Dies, weil Allah, Er, die Wahrheit ist, und das, was sie anstelle Seiner anrufen, das Nichtige ist, und weil Allah, Er, der Hohe, der Große ist. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

31.30. Dies, weil Allah die Wahrheit ist und weil das, was sie anstatt Seiner anrufen, das Falsche ist und weil Allah der Erhabene, der Große ist. (Bubenheim)

31.30. Denn Gott ist das Wahre, und was sie anstatt Seiner anbeten, ist falsch. Gott ist der Allerhöchste, der Allergrößte. (Azhar)

31.30. Dies ist es, weil ALLAH gewiss Das Wahre ist, weil das, an das sie anstelle von Ihm Bittgebete richten, gewiss das für nichtig Erklärte ist, und weil ALLAH gewiss Der Allhöchste, Der Allgrößte ist. (Zaidan)

31.30. Dies (geschieht) deshalb, weil Allah wahrhaftig, und weil das, wozu sie beten, statt zu ihm (zu beten), Lug und Trug ist, und weil Allah (unvergleichlich) erhaben und groß ist. (Paret)

31.30. Dies (ist so), weil Allah allein die Wahrheit ist - und was sie sonst außer Ihm anrufen, ist das Falsche - und weil Allah, Er, der Erhabene ist, der Große. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 29 bis 30

Do you not see that Allah causes the night to pass into the day and the day into the night? He has subjected the sun and the moon, ( 50 ) each voyaging (il its course) till an appointed time. ( 51 ) And (do you not know) that Allah is aware of whatever you do? This is because Allah is the very Truth, ( 52 ) and all those whom the people invoke instead of Allah, are false, ( 53 ) and (this is because) Allah alone is the High, the Great. ( 54 )

Desc No: 50
That is, "The appearance and alternation of the day and night consistently and regularly by itself shows that the sun and the moon have been subjected to a system. " The sun and the moon have been mentioned here in particular because both these are the most prominent bodies of the heaven, which man has been worshipping as deities since the earliest times, and which many people worship as gods even today. The fact, however, is that Allah has bound all the stars and planets of the universe including the earth into an unalterable system from which they cannot deviate even by an inch. 

Desc No: 51
That is, nothing in the world, whether the sun or the moon, or any other star or planet, in the universe, is eternal and ever-lasting. Everything has a term for it and can function only till its expiry. Everything has a beginning in time before which it was not there and an end in time after which it will not be there. This means to imply that such temporal and powerless things cannot become the deities of men. 

Desc No: 52
That is, the real Sovereign is Allah. He alone is the real Owner of power and authority over the creation and its disposal. 

Desc No: 53
That is, "They are figments of your own imagination. You have yourselves presumed that so-and-so has got a share in Godhead, and so-and-so has been given the powers to remove hardships and fulfil needs, whereas in fact none of them has any power to make or un-make anything." 

Desc No: 54
That is, 'He is the Highest of all before Whom everything is low, and He is the Greatest of all before Whom everything is small". 

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