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35.24. Wir haben dich ja mit der Wahrheit gesandt als Frohboten und als Warner. Und es gibt keine Gemeinschaft, in der nicht ein Warner vorangegangen wäre.

[ Fatir:24 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 417

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

32.22. Waman adhlamu mimman dhukkirabi-ayati rabbihi thumma aAArada AAanhainna mina almudschrimiina muntaqimuuna

32.22. And who doth greater wrong than he who is reminded of the revelations of his Lord, then turneth from them. Lo! We shall requite the guilty. (Pickthall)

32.22. Und wer handelt mehr unrecht, als wer an die Zeichen seines Herrn erinnert wird, und dann sich von ihnen wendet? Wir sind ja an den Verbrechern Rächer. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

32.22. Und wer ist ungerechter als jemand, der mit den Zeichen seines Herrn ermahnt wird und sich hierauf von ihnen abwendet? Gewiß, Wir werden an den Übeltätern Vergeltung üben. (Bubenheim)

32.22. Einen Ungerechteren als denjenigen, der an die Zeichen seines Herrn erinnert wird und sich davon abwendet, gibt es nicht. Wir werden die Frevler schwer bestrafen. (Azhar)

32.22. Und keiner begeht mehr Unrecht als derjenige, der an die Ayat seines HERRN erinnert wird, dann sich von ihnen abwendet. Gewiß, WIR werden an den schwer Verfehlenden Vergeltung üben. (Zaidan)

32.22. Wer aber ist frevelhafter, als wer mit den Zeichen seines Herrn gemahnt worden ist und sich hierauf von ihnen abwendet? An den Sündern werden wir uns rächen. (Paret)

32.22. Und wer ist ungerechter als jener, der an die Zeichen seines Herrn gemahnt wird und sich dann doch von ihnen abwendet? Wahrlich, Wir werden Uns an den Sündern rächen. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 21 bis 22

Even in this world We shall make them taste (one or the other) lesser torment before that greater torment; may-be they desist (from their rebellious attitude). ( 33 ) And who could be more wicked than the one who is admonished by the Signs of his Lord and he spurns them? ( 34 ) We shall certainly take vengeance on such criminals.

Desc No: 33
"The greater torment" is the torment of the Hereafter, which will be imposed on the guilty ones in consequence of disbelief and disobedience. "The lesser torment", in contrast, implies those calamities which afflict man even in this world, e.g., diseases in the life of individuals, deaths of the near and dear ones, serious accidents, losses, failures, etc. and storms, earthquakes, floods, epidemics, famines, riots, wars and many other disasters, in collective life, which affect hundreds of thousands of the people simultaneously. The reason given for sending these calamities is that the people should take heed even before they are involved in the "greater torment" and give up the attitude and way of life in consequence of which they will have to suffer the greater torment ultimately. In other words, it means this: Allah has not kept man in perfect security in the world so that he may live in full peace, and become involved in the misunderstanding that there is no power above him, which can cause him harm. But Allah has so arranged things that He sends disasters and calamities on individuals as well as en nations acrd t countries from time to time, which give man the feeling that he is helpless and that there is about him an All-Powerful Sovereign Who is ruling His universal Kingdom. These calamities remind each individual and group and nation that there is another Power above him Who is controlling their destinies. Everything has not been placed at man's disposal. The real Power is in the hand of the Sovereign. When a calamity from Him descends on man, you can neither evert it by any artifice, nor can escape from it by invoking a jinn, or a spirit, or a god or goddess, or a prophet or saint. Considered in this light, these calamities are not mere calamities but warnings of God, which are sent to make man conscious of the reality and to remove his misunderstandings. If man learns a lesson from these and corrects his belief and conduct here in the world, he will not have to face the greater torment of God in the Hereafter." 

Desc No: 34
"The Signs of his Lord" include all kinds of the Signs. A perusal of all the Qur'anic verses in this regard shows that these Signs are of the following six kinds:
(1) The Signs which are found in everything from the earth to the heavens and in the system of the universe as a whole.
(2) The Signs which are found in man's own creation and in his constitution and body.
(3) The Signs which are found in man's intuition, his unconscious and subconscious mind and in his moral concepts.
(4) The Signs which are found in the continuous experience of human history.
(5) The Signs which are found in the , coming down of the earthly and heavenly calamities on man.
(6) And, over and above all these, the Revelations which Allah sent through His Prophets so that man may be made conscious in a rational way of those realities, which are pointed out by all the above-mentioned Signs.
All these Signs proclaim consistently and clearly: `O man, you are neither without God, nor the servant of many gods, but your God is only One God: no other way of life is correct for you except the way of His service and obedience. You have not been left to live a free and independent and irresponsible lift in this world, but you have to appear before yow God and render an account of your deeds after your life-activity here has come to an end, and be rewarded or punished accordingly. Therefore, it is in yow own interest that you should follow the guidance which yow God' has sent through His Prophets and His Books for your instruction and desist from an independent way of lift." Now, obviously, the man who has been warned in so many different ways, for whose admonition countless different Signs have been provided, and who has been blessed with the eyes to see and the cars to hear and the mind to think, and yet he closes his eyes to all these Signs, and closes his cars to the admonitions of his well-wishers, and uses his mind also for inventing stupid and blind philosophies only can be a wretched and wicked person. He only deserves to be given full punishment for rebellion when he appears before his God after the expiry of the period of test in the world.  "

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