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30.35. Oder haben Wir ihnen etwa eine Ermächtigung offenbart, die dann von dem spricht, was sie Ihm beigesellen?

[ arRum:35 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 467

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

40.6. Wakadhalika haqqat kalimaturabbika AAala alladhiina kafaruu annahum as-habualnnari

40.6. Thus was the word of thy Lord concerning those who disbelieve fulfilled: that they are owners of the Fire. (Pickthall)

40.6. Und genau so wird das Wort deines Herrn wahr über diejenigen, die den Glauben verweigert haben: daß sie ja Gefährten des Feuers sind. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

40.6. Und so wurde das Wort deines Herrn gegen diejenigen, die ungläubig sind, unvermeidlich fällig, nämlich daß sie Insassen des (Höllen)feuers sind. (Bubenheim)

40.6. So bewahrheitete sich das Wort deines Herrn gegen die Ungläubigen, die sich dir widersetzten, dass sie in die Hölle gehören. (Azhar)

40.6. Und solcherart war Rechtens das Wort deines HERRN gegen diejenigen, die Kufr betrieben haben, dass sie gewiss die Weggenossen des Feuers sind. (Zaidan)

40.6. So ist an denen, die ungläubig waren, das Wort deines Herrn in Erfüllung gegangen, (nämlich) daß sie Insassen des Höllenfeuers sein sollen. (Paret)

40.6. Und somit wurde das Wort deines Herrn gegen die Ungläubigen fällig, daß sie die Bewohner des Feuers seien. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 4 bis 6

None dispute about the Revelations of Allah ( 2 ) but those who have disbelieved: ( 3 ) so let not their strutting about in the lands deceive you. ( 4 ) Before them the people of Noah also denied, and so did many a host after them. Every nation fell upon its Messenger to seize him: they all tried to defeat the Truth by means of falsehood, but, at last, I seized them. Then, just see, how severe was My punishment! Likewise has this ,judgement of your Lord also proved true against those people who have denied that they would go to Hell. ( 5 )

Desc No: 2
"To dispute" means using crooked arguments in reasoning, raising irrelevant objections, isolating a word or a sentence from its context, subjecting it to hair-splitting and making it the basis of doubts and accusations, misconstruing words from their true sense and intention so that neither should one understand the meaning oneself nor Iet others understand it. Such a way of dispute is adopted only by those whose difference of opinion is based on iII-will and malice. If a well-intentioned opponent disputes a point, he does so for the sake of arriving at the truth, and wants to be satisfied through discussion whether his own point of view is correct. Such a discussion is engaged in quest of truth and not for refutation. Contrary to this, the real purpose of the malicious opponent is not to understand anything nor to help others to understand, but to degrade and humiliate the other man; he joins a discussion only with the intention that he would not Iet the other man carry his point. That is why he never faces the real problems but launches his attacks only on the irrelevant issues. 

Desc No: 3
Here, the word kufr" has been used in two meanings: for ingratitude and for denial of the truth. According to the first meaning, the sentence would mean: As against the Revelations of Allah this sort of behaviour is adopted only by those who have forgotten His bounties and who have even lost the feeling that it is by His bounty that they are flourishing. According to the second, it would mean: "This sort of behaviour is adopted only by those who have turned away from the truth and are determined not to accept it. " From the context it becomes obvious that here the disbeliever does not imply every non-Muslim, for a non-Muslim who disputes a point in good faith for the sake of understanding Islam, and who tries to grasp thoroughly those things which he fends hard to follow, although a nonMuslim technically, yet that which has been condemned in this verse does not apply to him. 

Desc No: 4
There is a gap between the previous sentence and this, which has been left for the listener to fill. From the context and style it becomes evident that those who adopt the attitude of disputation as against the Revelations of Allah Almighty, can never escape the punishment. Therefore, they shall inevitably meet their doom. Now, if one sees that those people, even after adopting such an attitude, arc strutting about, their business is flourishing, their governments functioning in a grand style. and they are enjoying the good things of life, one should not be misled into thinking that they have escaped Allah's punishment, or that war against Allah's Revelations is a sport which can be adopted as a pastime and its evil consequences warded off easily. This, in fact, is a respite which they have been granted by Allah. Those who abuse this respite for doing more mischief arc indeed preparing for an ignominious end. 

Desc No: 5
That is, `The torment that seized them in the world was not their final punishment, but Allah has also decreed that they shall go to Hell.' Another meaning can be: "Just as the nations of the past have gone to their doom, so will those people also who arc committing disbelief go to Hell, according to the fixed decree of Allah."  "

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