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22.23. Gewiß, Allah läßt diejenigen, die glauben und rechtschaffene Werke tun, in Gärten eingehen, durcheilt von Bächen, worin sie mit Armreifen aus Gold und mit Perlen geschmückt sein werden und worin ihre Kleidung aus Seide sein wird.

[ alHagg:23 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 475

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

40.68. Huwa alladhii yuhyii wayumiitufa-idha qada amran fa-innama yaquulu lahukun fayakuunu

40.68. He it is who quickeneth and giveth death. When He ordaineth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is. (Pickthall)

40.68. Er ist es, der Leben gibt und sterben läßt, und wenn Er eine Angelegenheit beschließt, so spricht Er zu ihr: "Sei!", und sie ist. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

40.68. Er ist es, Der lebendig macht und sterben läßt. Wenn Er dann eine Angelegenheit bestimmt, sagt Er zu ihr nur: "Sei!", und so ist sie. (Bubenheim)

40.68. Gott ist es, Der leben und sterben lässt. Wenn Er etwas entscheidet, sagt Er nur: "Es sei!" und so ist es. (Azhar)

40.68. ER ist Derjenige, Der belebt und sterben lässt. Und wenn ER eine Angelegenheit bestimmt, so sagt ER zu ihr nur: „Sei!“, und sie ist. (Zaidan)

40.68. Er ist es, der lebendig macht und sterben läßt. Und wenn er eine Sache beschlossen hat, sagt er zu ihr nur: sei!, dann ist sie. (Paret)

40.68. Er ist es, Der ins Leben ruft und sterben läßt. Und wenn Er etwas bestimmt hat, so spricht Er zu ihm nur: "Sei!" und es ist. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 67 bis 68

He it is Who created you from dust, then from a sperm, then From a clot of blood, then He delivers you as an infant, then He makes you to grow up to attain to full strength,then makes ,you to grow further to reach old age, though some one of you is recalled earlier. ( 96 ) This is done so that you may reach an appointed time ( 97 ) and may understand the reality. ( 98 ) He it is Who gives life and ordains death. Whatever He decrees, He only commands it to be and it is.

Desc No: 96
That is, "Someone dies before birth, and someone before attaining youth, and someone before reaching old age. " 

Desc No: 97
"An appropriate time" may either imply the time of death, or the time when all human beings will be resurrected and presented before their Lord. In the first case, the meaning would be: Allah passes every man through different stages of life and takes him to the specific time which He has appointed for everyone's return. Before that time even if the whole world joins to kill him, it cannot kill him; and when that time has arrived, none can keep him alive even if all the powers of the world join together to do so. In the second case, it would mean: This gamut of life has not been brought about so that man may end up in the dust and be completely annihilated, but Allah passes him through different stages of life so that all human beings may present themselves before Him at the time which He has appointed for the purpose. 

Desc No: 98
That is, "You are not being passed through these different stages of lift so that you may live as the animals live and die as they die, but for the purpose that you may use yew common sense which Allah has granted you and thay understand the system in which you are living. The creation of a wonderful thing like life from the lifeless substances of the earth, then the coming into being of a marvelous creation like man from the microscopic germ of the sperm, then its developing inside the mother's womb, from the time of conception till delivery, in such a manner that its sex, its form and appearance, its bodily structure, its mental qualifies and characteristics, and its faculties and capabilities should be determined therein, un-influenced by any external factor or agency. Then the one who is to be eliminated by abortion does fall a prey to abortion, the one who is to die in infancy, does die in infancy, whether he be the child of a king, and the one who is to reach maturity or old age, dces reach that age, even through highly dangerous conditions, in which death should be certain, and the one who is to die in a particular stage of life, does die in that stage even if he is given the best medical attention and treatment in the best hospitals by the best doctors. Are not all these things pointing to the truth that the ultimate control of ow life and death is in the hand of an all-Mighty Sovereign? And when the reality is this that an all-Powerful Being is controlling ow life and death, then how did a prophet or a saint or an angel or a star or planet become worthy of ow worship and service? When did a creature attain the rank that we should pray to it, and accept it as the maker and un-maker of our destiny? And how did a human power have the status that we should obey its commands and prohibitions and its self-made law about the lawful and the unlawful, without question? (For further explanation, see Al-Hay: 5-7 and the E.N.'s on it). 

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