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88.19. und zu den Bergen, wie sie aufgerichtet worden sind,

[ alGasiya:19 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 491

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

43.30. Walamma dschaahumu alhaqquqaluu hatha sihrun wa-inna bihi kafiruuna

43.30. And now that the Truth hath come unto them they say: This is mere magic, and lo! we are disbelievers therein. (Pickthall)

43.30. Und als zu ihnen die Wahrheit gekommen ist, sagten sie: "Das ist Zauberei, und wir sind Glaubensverweigerer daran." (Ahmad v. Denffer)

43.30. Als nun die Wahrheit zu ihnen gekommen ist, sagen sie: "Das ist Zauberei, und wir verleugnen ihn." (Bubenheim)

43.30. Als die Wahrheit (der Koran) zu ihnen kam, sprachen sie: "Das ist Zauberei. Wir glauben nicht daran." (Azhar)

43.30. Und als zu ihnen die Wahrheit kam, sagten sie: „Dies ist Magie, und wir sind doch dem gegenüber äußerst kufr-betreibend.“ (Zaidan)

43.30. Und als die Wahrheit zu ihnen kam, sagten sie: "Das ist Zauberei. Wir glauben nicht daran. " (Paret)

43.30. Doch als die Wahrheit zu ihnen kam, da sagten sie: "Das ist Zauberei, und wir glauben nicht daran." (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 26 bis 30

Recall the time when Abraham had said to his father and his people : ( 24 ) "I have nothing to do with those whom you worship. I worship only Him Who created me: He alone will guide me. " ( 25 ) And Abraham left behind the same Word ( 26 ) among his descendants so that they should turn to it. ( 27 ) (In spite of that when the people started worshipping others, I did not annihilate them), but I went on providing sustenance of life to them and to their forefathers until the Truth came to them and a Messenger who expounded everything clearly ( 28 ) But when the Truth came to them, they said, "This is a sorcery ( 29 ) and we refuse to believe in it."

Desc No: 24
For details, sec AI-Baqarah 124-133, AI-An'am 74-84, Ibrahim: 3541, Maryam: 41-50, Al-Anbiya': 51-73, Ash-Shu'ara: 69-89, AI-'Ankabut: 1627, As-Saaffat: 83-100 and the corresponding E.N `s. 

Desc No: 25
In these words not only did the Prophet Abraham state his creed but also gave the argument for it. The reason for not having any connection with the other deities is that they neither havc created nor they give right guidance in any matter, nor they can; and the reason for having a connection only with Allah Almighty is that He alone is the Creator and He alone gives, and can give, the right guidance to mankind. 

Desc No: 26
"The same word" : the word that none but the Creator is worthy of worship in the world. 

Desc No: 27
That is, "Whenever they swerve from the right path, this word should be there to guide them so that they return to it again. " This event has been mentioned here in order to expose the foolishness of the disbelieving Quraish and to put them to shame, as if to say: "When you have adopted obedience of your ancestors, ,you have selected the most depraved of them for the purpose instead of the most righteous and illustrious, who were the Prophets Abraham and Ishmael (peace be upon them). " The basis of the leadership of the Quraish in Arabia was that they were the descendants of the Prophets Abraham and Ishmael and were the attendants of the Ka'bah built by them. Therefore, they should have followed them and not their ignorant forefathers who had given up the way of the Prophets and adopted polytheism from the neighboring idol-worshippers. Furthermore, by mentioning this event another error of those people has been pointed out. That is, if the blind imitation of the fore-fathers, without the distinction of good and evil, had been the right thing, the Prophet Abraham should have done so in the first instance. But he had plainly told his father and his people that he could not follow their creed of ignorance in which they had abandoned the Creator and made those imaginary beings their deities, who were not the creator. This shows that the Prophet Abraham did not believe in following the forefathers, but his creed was that before one followed the forefathers one should see whether they were following the right way or not, and if it became known by reason that they were following the wrong way, one should give up their way and adopt the way that was proved right. 

Desc No: 28
Another meaning of the word "rasulum-mubin can be: "A Messenger whose being a Messenger was obvious and apparent: whose lift before and after the Prophet hood clearly testified that he was certainly Allah's Messenger." 

Desc No: 29
For explanation, see Surah. Al-Anbiya' : 3 and E.N. 5 on it, and E.N. 5 of Surah Suad. 

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