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16.87. Sie bieten Allah an jenem Tag Ergebenheit an, und es ist ihnen entschwunden, was sie zu ersinnen pflegten.

[ anNahl:87 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 533

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

55.53. Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikumatukadhdhibani

55.53. Which is it, of the favors of your Lord, that ye deny? (Pickthall)

55.53. Und welche der Wohltaten eures Herrn leugnet ihr beiden? (Ahmad v. Denffer)

55.53. Welche der Wohltaten eures Herrn wollt ihr beide denn leugnen? (Bubenheim)

55.53. Welche der Wohltaten eures Herrn wollt ihr beide da leugnen? (Azhar)

55.53. Also welche von den Wohltaten eures HERRN leugnet ihr beide ab?! (Zaidan)

55.53. Welche von den Wohltaten eures Herrn wollt ihr denn leugnen? (Paret)

55.53. Welche der Wohltaten eures Herrn wollt ihr beide da leugnen? (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 46 bis 53

And for everyone who dreads to stand before his Lord ( 40 ) there are two gardens. ( 41 ) O which of your Lord's blessings will you deny? ( 42 ) Full of lush green branches. O which of your Lord's mercies will you deny? In both two springs of running water. O which of your Lord's blessings will you deny? In both there will be two kinds of every fruit. ( 43 ) O which of your Lord's blessings will you deny?

Desc No: 40
'Who dreads... Lord": who fears God in whatever he dces in the world, and dreads his accountability before Him in the Hereafter. Whoever holds this belief will inevitably avoid serving the lusts of his self, will avoid following every path blindly, will distinguish between the truth and falsehood, justice and injustice, pure and impure, and the lawful and the unlawful, and will not turn away deliberately from following the Commands of God. This is the real ground for the reward that is being mentioned below.  

Desc No: 41
Jannat actually means a garden. At sane places in the Qur'an the entire world in which the righteous people will be kept, has boon called Jannat, as though the whole of it WAS a garden. And at others it has been said that they will have Jannat (Gardens) under which canals will be flowing. This means that that big Garden will comprise countless other gardens; and here precisely it has been stated that every pious man will be given two gardens in that big Garden, which will be particularly meant for him; it will have his own palaces in which he will live with his family and attendants like a king, and in it he will be provided with all that is being mentioned below.  

Desc No: 42
From here till the end, the word alaa ' has been used both for the blessings and forthe powers, and there is an aspect of the praiseworthy qualities too. in it. If we take the first meaning, the meaning of repeating the refrain in this context will be: "If you like to deny the blessings of Allah, you may do so. The righteous will certainly receive these blessings from their Lord." In the second case the meaning would be: "If you think it is impossible for Allah to create the Garden and bless His righteous servants with these bounties in it, you may think so. Allah certainly lass the power to do this work and He will surely accomplish it." According to the third meaning, it means: "You think that after having created this big world Allah now doesn't bother whether a person behaves unjustly here or justly. works to promote the truth or falsehood, spreads evil or good: He will neither punish the oppressor nor redress the grievances of the oppressed, will neither appreciate good nor abhor evil. Then, as you think, He is helpless too. He can build the heavens and the earth but cannot prepare Hell for punishing the wicked and cannot make Heaven for rewarding the followers of the Truth. Thus. you may deny His praiseworthy attributes as you may, but tomorrow when He hurls the evildoers into Hell and blesses the worshippers of the trnth in Heaven. will you even then be able to deny His these attributes?" 

Desc No: 43
This can have two meanings: (1) "The fruits of the two gardens will have their own special flavors and tastes. In one garden he will find one kind of the fatir clustering on its branches, and in the other, another kind." (2) 'In each garden there will be two kinds of fruit; one kind of the familiar fath known and tasted in the world, though much superior to that found in the world, and the other kind of the rare fruit never imagined and tasted before."  

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