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27.86. Sehen sie nicht, daß Wir die Nacht gemacht haben, damit sie in ihr ruhen, und den Tag hell? Darin sind wahrlich Zeichen für Leute, die glauben.

[ anNaml:86 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 536

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

56.62. Walaqad AAalimtumu alnnasch-ata al-uulafalawla tadhakkaruuna

56.62. And verily ye know the first creation. Why, then, do ye not reflect? (Pickthall)

56.62. Und bestimmt kennt ihr schon die erstmalige Entstehung, also warum laßt ihr euch nicht mahnen? (Ahmad v. Denffer)

56.62. Und ihr kennt doch die erste Schöpfung. Wenn ihr doch bedenken würdet! (Bubenheim)

56.62. Ihr wißt nur um die erste Schöpfung. Wollt ihr denn nicht nachdenken? (Azhar)

56.62. Und gewiß, bereits wißt ihr Bescheid über die erste Erstehung, würdet ihr doch euch erinnern! (Zaidan)

56.62. Ihr wißt ja, wie (bei der Schöpfung dem Menschen) ein erstes Mal Existenz verliehen worden ist. (Warum sollten wir nicht auch ein zweites Mal Existenz verleihen können, indem wir von den Toten auferwecken) Warum wollt ihr euch denn nicht mahnen lassen? (Paret)

56.62. Und ihr kennt doch gewiß die erste Schöpfung. Warum also wollt ihr euch nicht besinnen? (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 57 bis 62

We have created you; ( 22 ) then why don't you confirm? ( 23 ) Have you ever considered the spermdrop that you emit ? Is it you who create the child from it, or are We the Creators? ( 24 ) We have distributed death among you, ( 25 ) and We are not helpless that We may change your forms and create you in another form that you do not know. ( 26 ) You already know well your first creation. Why then you do not take heed? ( 27 )

Desc No: 22
The arguments from here to verse 74 provide the reasoning to prove both the doctrines of `Tauhid and of Hereafter rationally. For it was there two basic doctrines of the Holy Prophet's teaching that the people of Makkah were debating and objecting to at that time. 

Desc No: 23
That is, "Why don't you confine that We alone arc your Lord and God and We have the power to create you once again?" 

Desc No: 24
In this brief sentence a very important question has been put before man. Apart from all other things in the world, if man only considers as to how he himself has come into being, he can then neither have any doubts left about the doctrine of Tauhid presented by the Qur'an nor about its doctrine of the Hereafter. The process of man's own creation starts when the male has conveyed his sperm to the womb of the female. But the question is: Has the sperm by itself become endowed with the capability of producing a child, and necessarily a human child ? Or, has it been created by man himself, or, by another than God? And, is it in the power of the man, or of the woman, or of another agency in the world, to cause conception by this sperm? Then, who is responsible for the gradual formation and development of the foetus in the mother's womb, its shaping and moulding into a unique child, the provision in a particular proportion of different mental and physical powers and qualities in each child, so that it develops into a unique person, except One God? Has another than God any role to play in this? Is it done by the parents themselves? Or, by a doctor? Or, by the prophets of saints, who were themselves created in this very way? Or, by the sun and the moon and the stars, which arc themselves subject to a law? Or, by nature, which is devoid of any knowledge, wisdom, will and authority? Then, is it also in the power of another than God to decide whether the child is to be a boy or a girl? Whether it is to be beautiful or ugly, strong or weak, blind and deaf and a cripple or soundbodied, intelligent or stupid? Then, is it another than God who decides as to people of what calibre, good or and are to be created in a particular nation at a particular time, who would cause its rise or fall? If a person is not obdurate and stubborn, he will himself realize that no rational answer can be given to these questions on the basis of polytheism and atheism. Their rational answer is only one and it is this Man is wholly and entirely the creation of God; and when the truth is this, what right has this man, the creation of God, to claim freedom and independence as against his Creator, or serve another beside Him?
As it is for Tauhid, so it is with regard to the Hereafter too. Man is created from a germ which cannot be seen without a powerful microscope. This gene combines in the darkness of the mother's body with the ovum (female germ) which is like itself an insignificant microscopic germ. Then by their combination a tiny living cell comes into being, which is the starting-point of human life. This cell also is too small to be seen without a microscope. Allah develops this insignificant cell in the mother's womb for nine months or so into a living human, and when its development and formation becomes complete, the mother's body itself pushes it out to raise a storm in the world. All human beings have been born into the world in this very way and are witnessing day and night this phenomenon of the birth of human beings like themselves. After this, only a foolish person could assert that the God Who is creating human beings in this way today would not be able to create the human beings created by Himself in some other way tomorrow.  

Desc No: 25
That is, "Like yow birth yow death too, is under Our control. We decide as to who is to die in the mother's womb itself, who is to dic soon after birth, and who is to die at a later stage. No power in the world can cause death to a person before the time appointed for his death by Us, nor can keep him alive after it even for a moment. The dying ones dic in big hospitals even before the eyes of eminent doctors; and the doctors themselves also die at their appointed time. Never bas anyone been able to know the time of death in advance, nor has anyone been able to avert the approaching death, nor to find out as to how and where and by what means will a certain person dic."  

Desc No: 26
That is, "Just as We were not powerless to create you in your present form and appearance, so also We are not powerless to change the method of your creation and bring you into being in another form and shape with another set of qualities and characteristics. Today the method We have adopted for your creation is that conception takes place by your sperm then you arc gradually form and developed in your mother's womb, and then you are brought out as a child. This method of creation also has been devised by Us. But this is not the only method apart from which We may not he knowing, or may not be able to adopt, any other method. On the Day of Resurrection We can create you in the form of the man of the same age at which you died. Today We have set one particular mesure for your sight and hearing and other faculties. But this is not the only measure that We have for man, which We may not have the power to change. On the Day of Resurrection We shall change it absolutely; so much so that you will be able to see and hear things which you cannot see and cannot hear here. Today your skin and your limbs and your eyes do not possess the power of speech. But, it is We Who have given the tongue the power of speech; so We are not powerless to cause your every limb and every part of the skin of yow body to speak by Our command on the Day of Resurrection. Today you live up to a certain age and then die. Your this living and dying also is controlled by a law ordained by Us. Tomorrow We can makr another law to control yow life under which you may never die. Today you can endure punishment only to a certain extent: you cannot survive if the punishment is increased beyond it. This rule also has been made by Us. Tomorrow We can make another rule for you Under which you will be able to suffer much severer punishments endlessly, and death would not come to you even if you were given the severest torment. Today you cannot imagine that an old man could return to youth, that he could never become ill, that a young man could never be old, and, that he could stay young for ever and ever. But youth here changes into old age according to the biological laws made by Us. Tomorrow We can make some other laws for your life under which every old man may become young as soon as he entered Paradise and stay young and healthy eternally.  

Desc No: 27
That is, "You already know how you were created in the first instance, how the sperm was transferred from the loins of the father by which you came into being, how you were nourished in the mother's womb, which was no less dark than the grave, and formed into a living human being, how an insignificant speak was developed and endowed with the heart and brain, eyes and ears, and hands and feet, and how it was blessed with the wonderful faculties of intellect and sense, knowledge and wisdom, workmanship and inventiveness, etc. Is this miracle in any way less wonderful than raising the dead back to life ? And when you are witnessing this wonderful miracle with your own eyes and are yourselves a living evidence of it in the world, why don't you then learn the lesson that the same God Who by His power is causing this miracle to take place day and night, can also cause the miracle of life after death, Resurrection and Hell and Heaven to take place by the same power?"  "

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