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42.2. ´Ayn-Sin-Qaf.

[ asSura:2 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 162

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

7.93. Fatawalla AAanhum waqala yaqawmi laqad ablaghtukum risalati rabbii wanasahtulakum fakayfa asa AAala qawmin kafiriina

7.93. So he turned from them and said: O my people! I delivered my Lord ' s messages unto you and gave you good advice; then how can I sorrow for a people that rejected (truth) ? (Pickthall)

7.93. Da kehrte er sich ab von ihnen und sagte: "Mein Volk, ich habe euch bestimmt schon die Botschaft meines Herrn erfahren lassen, und ich habe euch Rat gegeben, und wie soll ich betrübt sein über ein Volk von GIaubensverweigerern?" (Ahmad v. Denffer)

7.93. So kehrte er sich von ihnen ab und sagte: "O mein Volk, ich habe euch doch die Botschaften meines Herrn ausgerichtet und euch gut geraten. Wie sollte ich betrübt sein über ungläubige Leute?" (Bubenheim)

7.93. Zuvor hatte sich Schu§aib von ihnen abgewandt und gesagt: "O mein Volk! Ich habe euch die Botschaften Gottes übermittelt und euch aufrichtig beraten. Warum sollte ich über ungläubige Menschen betrübt sein?" (Azhar)

7.93. Dann hat er (Schu'aib) sich von ihnen abgewendet und sagte: „Meine Leute! Gewiß, bereits habe ich euch die Botschaft meines HERRN verkündet und euch Ratschläge gemacht, also weshalb soll ich kufr-betreibenden Leuten nachtrauern?! (Zaidan)

7.93. Schu`aib wandte sich von ihnen ab und sagte: "Ihr Leute! Ich habe euch doch die Botschaften meines Herrn ausgerichtet und euch gut geraten. Wie sollte ich mir wegen ungläubiger Leute Kummer machen?" (Paret)

7.93. Dann wandte er sich von ihnen ab und sagte: "O mein Volk, wahrlich, ich überbrachte euch die Botschaften meines Herrn und gab euch aufrichtigen Rat. Wie sollte ich mich nun über ungläubige Leute betrüben?" (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 90 bis 93

The chiefs of his tribe, who had rejected his Message, said to one another, "If you follow Shu`aib, you will be utterly ruined. " ( 74 ) It, however, so happened that a shocking catastrophe overtook them and they remained lying prostrate in their dwellings. Those who treated Shu`aib as an impostor were so wiped out as if they had never lived in those dwellings. Ultimately the very people, who treated Shu`aib as an impostor, were utterly ruined. ( 75 ) Then Shu`aib left the place, saying, "O my people! I conveyed the Messages of my Lord to you and I did my best for you as your well-wisher. Now, how should I be grieved for the people who reject the Truth!" ( 76 )

Desc No: 74
We should not pass cursorily over this sentence, but should think deeply about its implications. The chiefs and the leaders of Midian meant and wanted to convince the people of this thing: "We shall be utterly mined if we accept and practise the fundamental principles of honesty, righteousness, uprightness and morality. It is obvious that our trade and commerce can never flourish if we apply the principle of truth to it and carry out our bargains with honesty. Besides this, if we do not exploit our geographical position on the crossroads of the most important trade routes, and let the caravans pass on without molestation and become peaceful citizens, all its political and commercial advantages will come to art end. This will also bring to an end the awe and influence we wield over our neighbouring countries." This fear of "ruin" was not peculiar to the people of Shu'aib alone. In every age the corrupt people have felt the same fear concerning the way of truth, righteousness and honesty. This has always been the considered opinion of all the corrupt people that it is not possible to carry out commercial, political and other worldly activities without resort to lies, dishonesty and immorality. That is why the greatest argument against the Message of Truth has always been that the community would be ruined, if it gave up the known worldly wrong ways and adopted the Right Way. 

Desc No: 75
This total destruction of Midian had become a byword among the neighbouring nations. In Psalms (83: 5-9) Prophet David invokes the help of Allah against the oppressors, "who have taken crafty counsel against thy people," saying, "Do unto them as unto the Midianites." And Prophet lsaiah consoles the Israel, saying, "...... be not afraid of Assyrian....he shall Iift up his staff against thee, after the manner of Egypt....the Lord of the hosts shall stir up a scourge for him according to the slaughter of Midian...." (Isaiah: 10: 21-26.) 

Desc No: 76
A deep significance underlies all the stories which have been related here. Every story applied appropriately and exactly to the case of Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him) and his people, the Quraish. In every story there are two parties - the Prophet and his people. In every story the Message of the Prophet, his teachings, his admonition and all other things were exactly the same as those of Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him). On the other side, in every case his people, who were sunk deep in wrong creeds, immoralities and obduracies, and the chiefs who were puffed up with pride, rejected the Message contemptuously. As the Quraish were behaving exactly in the same way towards Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him) and his Message, they have been warned indirectly that their doom would be similar to those people, if they did not accept his Message, and did not avail of the opportunity that Allah had afforded them: if they persisted blindly in their obduracy they would meet with the same destruction which had always been the doom of those peoples who persisted in their deviation.   "

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