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26.37. damit sie dir jeden kenntnisreichen Zauberer herbringen."

[ asSu'ara:37 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 573

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

72.28. LiyaAAlama an qad ablaghuu risalatirabbihim waahata bima ladayhim waahsa kullaschay-in AAadadan

72.28. That He may know that they have indeed conveyed the messages of their Lord. He surroundeth all their doings, and He keepeth count of all things. (Pickthall)

72.28. Damit Er weiß, sie haben schon die Botschaften ihres Herrn erreichen lassen, und Er erfaßt, was bei ihnen ist, und Er berechnet alles an Zahl. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

72.28. damit er weiß, ob sie wohl die Botschaften ihres Herrn ausgerichtet haben, und daß Er das, was bei ihnen ist, umfaßt, und Er die Zahl von allem erfaßt´. (Bubenheim)

72.28. So weiss Gott, dass die Gesandten die Botschaften ihres Herrn überbracht haben. Er weiss genau, was sie haben und hat alles genau gezählt. (Azhar)

72.28. damit er (der Gesandte) weiß, dass sie die Botschaft ihres HERRN bereits überbrachten. Und ER umfasste, was sie haben, und zählte alles detailliert. 3 (Zaidan)

72.28. (So macht er es bei seinen Gesandten) um Gewißheit darüber zu bekommen, daß sie die Botschaften ihres Herrn (auch wirklich) ausgerichtet haben. Er umfaßt (mit seinem Wissen alles), was bei ihnen ist, und hat alles genau gezählt. (Paret)

72.28. damit Er gewährleistet sieht, daß sie (Seine Gesandten) die Botschaften ihres Herrn verkündet haben. Und Er umfaßt alles, was bei ihnen ist, und Er zeichnet alle Dinge ganz genau auf. . (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 24 bis 28

(These people shall not change their ways) until when they see that what they are being promised, they shall come to know whose helpers are weaker and whose supporters are fewer in number. ( 24 ) Say, "I do not know whether that which you are being promised, is near at hand, or whether my Lord appoints a lengthy term for it ( 25 ) He alone is the Knower of the unseen: He does not reveal His secrets to anyone ( 26 ) except to the Messenger whom He may choose ( 27 ) (for the purpose)* Then He appoints before him and behind him guards ( 28 ) that He may know that they have truly delivered the messages of their Lord; ( 29 ) and He encompasses all their surroundings and keeps a count of each ana every thing. ( 30 )

Desc No: 24
The background of this verse is that those of the Quraish who used to mob and surround the, Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) as soon as they heard his invitation calling to Allah, were under the delusion that they had a strong band at their back and that the Holy Prophet had only a handful of men with him, and therefore, they would easily overwhelm him. At this it is being said: Today these people find the Messenger helpless and friendless and themselves supported and strengthened by great hosts and, therefore, feel encouraged and emboldened to suppress the invitation to the Truth. But when the evil time with which they are being threatened comes, they will know who in actual fact is helpless and friendless. 

Desc No: 25
The style itself shows that this is an answer which has been given without citing the question. Probably, hearing what has been said above, the opponents might have asked mockingly and tauntingly: "When will the time with which you are threatening us come?" In response, the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) was commanded to say: "The time will certainly come, but I have not been told the date of its coming. Allah alone knows whether is will come soon, or whether a distant term has been set for it. " 

Desc No: 26
That is, the knowledge of the unseen wholly rests with Allah: He does not give the whole of this knowledge to anyone. 

Desc No: 27
That is, the Messenger by himself is no knower of the unseen, but when Allah chooses him to perform the mission of Prophethood, He grants him the knowledge of those of the unseen truths which He is pleased to grant. 

Desc No: 28
"Guards": Angels. That is, when Allah sends down the knowledge of the unseen realities to the Messenger by revelation, He appoints angels on every side to safeguard it so that the knowledge reaches the Messenger in a safe condition, free from every kind of adulteration. This is the same thing which has been expressed in vv. 8-9 above, saying: After the appointment of the Holy Messenger the jinn found that all the doors to the heavens had been closed, and they noticed that strict security measures had been adopted because of which no room had been left for them to eavesdrop. 

Desc No: 29
This can have three meanings: (1) That the Messenger may know that the angels have delivered the messages of Allah to him precisely and accurately; (2) that Allah may know that the angels have conveyed the messages of their Lord to His Messenger precisely and accurately; and (3) that Allah may know that the Messenger has conveyed the messages of his Lord to His servants precisely and accurately. The words of the verse are comprehensive and may possibly imply all the three meanings. Besides, the verse also points out two other things: first, that the Messenger is given that knowledge of the unseen, which is necessary for him to perform his mission of Prophethood; second, that the angels keep watch that the Revelation reaches the Messenger safely and also that the Messenger conveys the messages of his Lord to His servants precisely and accurately. 

Desc No: 30
That is, Allah's power so encompasses the Messenger as well as the angels that if they swerve even a little from His will, they can be detected immediately. Moreover, a complete record has been kept of each letter of the messages sent down by Allah. The Messengers and the angels cannot dare add or subtract even a letter from them. 

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