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80.21. Hierauf läßt Er ihn sterben und bringt ihn dann ins Grab.

[ 'Abasa:21 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 594

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

89.30. Waodkhulii dschannatii 

89.30. Enter thou My Garden! (Pickthall)

89.30. Und trete ein in Meinen Paradiesgarten. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

89.30. und tritt ein in Meinen (Paradies)garten. (Bubenheim)

89.30. Und tritt in Meinen Paradiesgarten ein! (Azhar)

89.30. und tritt in Meine Dschanna ein! (Zaidan)

89.30. und geh in mein Paradies ein!" (Paret)

89.30. Und tritt ein in Mein Paradies. . (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 27 bis 30

(To the righteous it will be said: ) "O peaceful and fully satisfied soul, ( 18 ) return to yow Lord: ( 19 ) you are well-pleased (with your good end) and well-pleasing (in the sight of your Lord). Join My (righteous) servants and enter My Paradise."

Desc No: 18
"Peaceful .. satisfied soul": the man who believed in Allah, the One, as his Lord and Sustainer, and adopted the Way of Life brought by the Prophets as his way of life, with full satisfaction of the heart, and without the least doubt about it, who acknowledged as absolute truth whatever creed and command he received from Allah and His Messenger, who withheld himself from whatever he was forbidden by Allah's Religion, not unwillingly but with perfect conviction that it was really an evil thing, who offered without sacrifice whatever sacrifice was required to be offered for the sake of the truth. who endured with full peace of mind whatever difficulties, troubles and hardships he met on this way and who felt no remorse on being deprived of the gains and benefits and pleasures in the world which seemed to accrue to those who followed other ways but remained fully satisfied that adherence to true Faith had safeguarded him against those errors. This very state has been described at another place in the Qur'an as sharh Badr. (Al-An'am 125) 

Desc No: 19
This he will be told at the time of his death as well as on the Day of Resurrection when he will rise from the dead and move towards the Plain of Assembly and also on the occasion when he will be presented in the Divine Court; at every stage he will be assured that he is moving towards the Mercy of Allah Almighty.  "

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