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50.20. Und es wird ins Horn geblasen; das ist der angedrohte Tag.

[ Qaf:20 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 196

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

9.55. Fala tuAAdschibka amwaluhum walaawladuhum innama yuriidu Allahu liyuAAadhdhibahumbiha fii alhayati alddunyawatazhaqa anfusuhum wahum kafiruuna

9.55. So let not their riches nor their children please thee (O Muhammad). Allah thereby intendeth but to punish them in the life of the world and that their souls shall pass away while they are disbelievers (Pickthall)

9.55. Also sei du nicht verwundert Uber ihre Vermögensgüter und nicht ihre Kinder. Allah möchte ja, daß Er sie damit im Leben dieser Welt bestraft und daß ihre Seelen vergehen und sie Glaubensverweigerer sind. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

9.55. So sollen dir weder ihr Besitz noch ihre Kinder gefallen. Allah will sie damit ja nur im diesseitigen Leben strafen, und (daß) ihre Seelen (im Tod) dahingehen, während sie ungläubig sind. (Bubenheim)

9.55. Du sollst dich nicht von ihrem Vermögen oder ihren Kindern betören lassen. Gott will sie damit im irdischen Leben bestrafen und sie als Ungläubige sterben lassen. (Azhar)

9.55. Also finde keinen Gefallen weder an ihrem Vermögen noch an ihren Kindern! ALLAH will sie damit im dießeitigen Leben doch nur peinigen und (will), dass ihre Seelen (ihren Körper) beschwerlich verlassen, während sie noch Kafir sind. (Zaidan)

9.55. Du brauchst ihr Vermögen und ihre Kinder nicht zu bestaunen. Allah will sie im diesseitigen Leben damit (geradezu) bestrafen (indem er ihnen Sorge und Kummer damit macht), und ihre Seelen sollen verscheiden, während sie (noch) ungläubig sind. (Paret)

9.55. Wundere dich weder über ihr Gut noch über ihre Kinder. Allah will sie damit nur im irdischen Leben bestrafen, und ihre Seelen sollen verscheiden, während sie (noch) ungläubig sind. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 53 bis 55

Say, "You may expend your possessions willingly or unwillingly: ( 53 ) they shall not be accepted in any case, because you are a wicked people." The reason why their expendings shall not be accepted is no other than that they have not believed in Allah and His Messenger: and they come to offer their Salat but reluctantly, and they expend in the Way of Allah with unwilling hearts. So let not their great wealth and the large number of their children delude you; for Allah wills to chastise them by means of these very things in this worldly lifes ( 54 ) and that they would die in a state of unbelief. ( 55 )

Desc No: 53
V. 53 is a sharp retort to those hypocrites who desired exemption froth Jihad but, at the same time, wanted to make some monetary contributions in order to avoid the exposure of their hypocrisy, They said, "Please grant us leave from military service because we are unable to do this, but we are ready to make monetary contributions towards it." To this Allah retorted, saying, "Whatever you may contribute, it shall not be accepted" . 

Desc No: 54
"Allah wills to chastise them by means of these things in this world", because of their great love for their children and wealth as these misled them to adopt the hypocritical attitude which, in turn, degraded them in the Muslim society. Consequently, in the Islamic System they would lose the respect, tire reputation and the prestige they enjoyed in the pre-lslamic society. On the contrary, even the Muslim slaves and the sons of slaves, the farmers and the shepherds, who proved the sincerity of their Faith would win honour in the new system, and the big hereditary chiefs, who refrained from this because of their love of the world, would lose their fame, honour and prestige.
In order to illustrate the above we cite an incident that happened during the Caliphate of Hadrat `Umar. Once some big chiefs of the Quraish including Suhail-bin-`Amr and Harith-bin-Hisham, went to see Caliph Umar and took their seats near him. Soon after this some humble people from among the Muhajirin and the Ansar came there. The Caliph asked those chiefs to make room for them, and seated these humble people near his own seat. This went on for some time till these chiefs reached the remotest corner in the assembly. When they carne out, Harith-bin-Hisham said to his companions, "You have noticed what a humiliating treatment has been meted out to us today!" Suhail-bin-`Amr replied, "It is no fault of `Umar but it is our own fault. When we were invited to Islam, we turned away from it, but these humble people accepted it and made sacrifices for it. " Then both of them returned to the meeting and said "Today we have noticed your treatment and we feel that it is all due to our own shortcomings, but tell us if there is a way for us to make atonements for our past failures" . The Caliph did not make any reply but merely pointed towards the Roman territory, which meant that the only way of regaining their prestige was to expend their lives and wealths in doing Jihad there. 

Desc No: 55
"They would die in a state of unbelief" because of their hypocrisy, which would not let them attain sincere Faith till they die. Thus after ruining their moral and spiritual lives in this world, they would leave it in the state of unbelief, which will ruin their lives in the Hereafter in a far worse way. 

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