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6.76. Als die Nacht über ihn hereinbrach, sah er einen Himmelskörper. Er sagte: "Das ist mein Herr." Als er aber unterging, sagte er: "Ich liebe nicht diejenigen, die untergehen´."

[ alAn'am:76 ]

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Ansicht der Ahadith 169-180 von 288 Ahadith, Seite 15/24


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Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 207
Narrated Yazid bin Ubaid:

Salama said, "I gave the Pledge of allegiance (Al-Ridwan) to Allah's Apostle and then I moved to the shade of a tree. When the number of people around the Prophet diminished, he said, 'O Ibn Al-Akwa ! Will you not give to me the pledge of Allegiance?' I replied, 'O Allah's Apostle! I have already given to you the pledge of Allegiance.' He said, 'Do it again.' So I gave the pledge of allegiance for the second time." I asked 'O Abu Muslim! For what did you give he pledge of Allegiance on that day?" He replied, "We gave the pledge of Allegiance for death."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 208
Narrated Anas:

On the day (of the battle) of the Trench, the Ansar were saying, "We are those who have sworn allegiance to Muhammad for Jihaid (for ever) as long as we live." The Prophet replied to them, "O Allah! There is no life except the life of the Hereafter. So honor the Ansar and emigrants with Your Generosity."


Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 209
Narrated Abdullah:

Today a man came to me and asked me a question which I did not know how to answer. He said, "Tell me, if a wealthy active man, well-equipped with arms, goes out on military expeditions with our chiefs, and orders us to do such things as we cannot do (should we obey him?)" I replied, "By Allah, I do not know what to reply you, except that we, were in the company of the Prophet and he used to order us to do a thing once only till we finished it. And no doubt, everyone among you will remain in a good state as long as he obeys Allah. If one is in doubt as to the legality of something, he should ask somebody who would satisfy him, but soon will come a time when you will not find such a man. By Him, except Whom none has the right to be worshipped. I see that the example of what has passed of this life (to what remains thereof) is like a pond whose fresh water has been used up and nothing remains but muddy water."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 210
Narrated Salim Abu An-Nadr:

The freed slave of 'Umar bin 'Ubaidullah who was 'Umar's clerk: 'Abdullah bin Abi Aufa wrote him (i.e. 'Umar) a letter that contained the following:--

"Once Allah's Apostle (during a holy battle), waited till the sun had declined and then he got up among the people and said, "O people! Do not wish to face the enemy (in a battle) and ask Allah to save you (from calamities) but if you should face the enemy, then be patient and let it be known to you that Paradise is under the shades of swords." He then said,, "O Allah! The Revealer of the (Holy) Book, the Mover of the clouds, and Defeater of Al-Ahzab (i.e. the clans of infidels), defeat them infidels and bestow victory upon us."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 211
Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:

I participated in a Ghazwa along with Allah's Apostle The Prophet met me (on the way) while I was riding a camel of ours used for irrigation and it had got so tired that it could hardly walk. The Prophet asked me, "What is wrong with the camel?" I replied, "It has got tired." So. Allah's Apostle came from behind it and rebuked it and prayed for it so it started surpassing the other camels and going ahead of them. Then he asked me, "How do you find your camel (now)?" I replied, "I find it quite well, now as it has received your blessings." He said, "Will you sell it to me?" I felt shy (to refuse his offer) though it was the only camel for irrigation we had. So, I said, "Yes." He said, "Sell it to me then." I sold it to him on the condition that I should keep on riding it till I reached Medina. Then I said, "O Allah's Apostle! I am a bridegroom," and requested him to allow me to go home. He allowed me, and I set out for Medina before the people till I reached Medina, where I met my uncle, who asked me about the camel and I informed him all about it and he blamed me for that. When I took the permission of Allah's Apostle he asked me whether I had married a virgin or a matron and I replied that I had married a matron. He said, "Why hadn't you married a virgin who would have played with you, and you would have played with her?" I replied, "O Allah's Apostle! My father died (or was martyred) and I have some young sisters, so I felt it not proper that I should marry a young girl like them who would neither teach them manners nor serve them. So, I have married a matron so that she may serve them and teach them manners." When Allah's Apostle arrived in Medina, I took the camel to him the next morning and he gave me its price and gave me the camel itself as well.

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 212
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

Once there was a feeling of fright at Medina, so Allah's Apostle rode a horse belonging to Abu Talha and (on his return) he said, "We have not seen anything (fearful), but we found this horse very fast."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 213
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

Once the people got frightened, so Allah's Apostle rode a slow horse belonging to Abu Talha, and he set out all alone, making the horse gallop. Then the people rode, making their horses gallop after him. On his return he said, "Don't be afraid (there is nothing to be afraid of) (and I have found) this horse a very fast one." That horse was never excelled in running hence forward. (Qastalani Vol. 5)

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 214
Narrated  Umar bin Al-Khattab:

I gave a horse to be used in Allah's Cause, but later on I saw it being sold. I asked the Prophet whether I could buy it. He said, "Don't buy it and don't take back your gift of charity."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 215
Narrated  Abdullah bin 'Umar:

'Umar gave a horse to be used in Allah's Cause, but later on he found it being sold. So, he intended to buy it and asked Allah's Apostle who said, "Don't buy it and don't take back your gift of charity."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 216
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "Were it not for the fear that it would be difficult for my followers, I would not have remained behind any Sariya, (army-unit) but I don't have riding camels and have no other means of conveyance to carry them on, and it is hard for me that my companions should remain behind me. No doubt I wish I could fight in Allah's Cause and be martyred and come to life again to be martyred and come to life once more."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 217
Narrated Yali:

I participated in the Ghazwa of Tabuk along with Allah's Apostle and I gave a young camel to be ridden in Jihad and that was, to me, one of my best deeds. Then I employed a laborer who quarrelled with another person. One of them bit the hand of the other and the latter drew his hand from the mouth of the former pulling out his front tooth. Then the former instituted a suit against the latter before the Prophet who rejected that suit saying, "Do you expect him to put out his hand for you to snap as a male camel snaps (vegetation)?"

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 218
Narrated Tha'laba bin Abi Malik Al-Qurazi:

When Qais bin Sad Al-Ansari, who used to carry the flag of the Prophet, intended to perform Hajj, he combed his hair.

Ansicht von 169-180 von 288 Ahadith, Seite 15/24


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