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23.91. Allah hat Sich keine Kinder genommen, und keinen Gott gibt es neben Ihm, sonst würde fürwahr jeder Gott das wegnehmen, was er erschaffen hat, und die einen von ihnen würden sich den anderen gegenüber wahrlich überheblich zeigen. Preis sei Allah, (und Erhaben ist Er) über das, was sie (Ihm) zuschreiben,

[ alMu'minun:91 ]

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Ansicht der Ahadith 181-192 von 288 Ahadith, Seite 16/24


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Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 219
Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa:

Ali remained behind the Prophet during the battle of Khaibar as he way suffering from some eye trouble but then he said, "How should I stay behind Allah's Apostle?" So, he set out till he joined the Prophet. On the eve of the day of the conquest of Khaibar, Allah's Apostle said, "(No doubt) I will give the flag or, tomorrow, a man whom Allah and His Apostle love or who loves Allah and His apostle will take the flag. Allah will bestow victory upon him." Suddenly 'Ali joined us though we were not expecting him. The people said, "Here is 'Ali. "So, Allah's Apostle gave the flag to him and Allah bestowed victory upon him.

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 219
Narrated Nafi bin Jubair:

I heard Al Abbas telling Az-Zubair, "The Prophet ordered you to fix the flag here."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 220
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand." Abu Huraira added: Allah's Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 221
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:

Abu Sufyan said, "Heraclius sent for me when I was in 'llya' (i.e. Jerusalem). Then he asked for the letter of Allah's Apostle and when he had finished its reading there was a great hue and cry around him and the voices grew louder and we were asked to quit the place. When we were turned out, I said to my companions, 'The cause of Ibn Abi Kabsha has become conspicuous as the King of Bani Al-Asfar is afraid of him.' "

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 222
Narrated Asma:

I prepared the journey-food for Allah's Apostle in Abu Bakr's house when he intended to emigrate to Medina. I could not find anything to tie the food-container and the water skin with. So, I said to Abu Bakr, "By Allah, I do not find anything to tie (these things) with except my waist belt." He said, "Cut it into two pieces and tie the water-skin with one piece and the food-container with the other (the sub-narrator added, "She did accordingly and that was the reason for calling her Dhatun-Nitaqain (i.e. two-belted woman))."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 223
Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:

During the life-time of the Prophet we used to take the meat of sacrificed animals (as journey food) to Medina. (See Hadith No. 474 Vol. 7)

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 224
Narrated Suwaid bin An-Nu'man:

That he went out in the company o; the Prophet during the year of Khaibar (campaign till they reached a place called As-Sahba', the lower part of Khaibar. They offered the 'Asr prayer (there) and the Prophet asked for the food. Nothing but Sawiq was brought to the Prophet. So, they chewed it and ate it and drank water. After that the Prophet got up, washed his mouth, and they too washed their mouths and then offered the prayer.

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 225
Narrated Salama:

Once the journey-food of the people ran short and they were in great need. So, they came to the Prophet to take his permission for slaughtering their camels, and he permitted them. Then 'Umar met them and they informed him about it. He said, "What will sustain you after your camels (are finished)?" Then 'Umar went to the Prophet and said, "O Allah's Apostle! What will sustain them after their camels (are finished)?" Allah's Apostle said, "Make an announcement amongst the people that they should bring all their remaining food (to me)." (They brought it and) the Prophet invoked Allah and asked for His Blessings for it. Then he asked them to bring their food utensils and the people started filling their food utensils with their hands till they were satisfied. Allah's Apostle then said, "I testify that None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and I am His Apostle. "

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 226
Narrated Wahb bin Kaisan:

Jabir bin 'Abdullah said, "We set out, and we were three-hundred men carrying our journey-food on our shoulders. Then we began to eat a single date each per day." A man asked (Jabir), "O Abu 'Abdullah! How could a person be satisfied with a single date?" Jabir replied, "We realized the value of that one date when we could not even have that much till we reached the sea-shore, when all of a sudden we saw a huge fish cast by the sea. So, we ate of it as much as we wished for eighteen days."

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 227
Narrated Aisha:

That she said, "O Allah's Apostle! Your companions are returning with the reward of both Hajj and 'Umra, while I am returning with (the reward of) Hajj only." He said to her, "Go, and let 'Abdur-Rahman (i.e. your brother) make you sit behind him (on the animal)." So, he ordered 'AbdurRahman to let her perform 'Umra from Al-Tan'im. Then the Prophet waited for her at the higher region of Mecca till she returned.

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 228
Narrated  Abdur-Rahman bin Abi Bakr As-Siddiq:

The Prophet ordered me to let 'Aisha sit behind me (on the animal) and to let her perform 'Umra from At-Tan'im.

Band: 4, Buch: 52, Nummer: 229
Narrated Anas:

I was riding behind Abu Talha (on the same) riding animal) and (the Prophet's companions) were reciting Talbiya aloud for both Hajj and 'Umra.

Ansicht von 181-192 von 288 Ahadith, Seite 16/24


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