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20.50. Er sagte: "Unser Herr ist derjenige, der allem seine Natur gegeben und (es) hierauf rechtgeleitet hat."

[ Ta Ha:50 ]

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 Buch: Wedlock, Marriage (Nikaah)
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Ansicht der Ahadith 97-108 von 179 Ahadith, Seite 9/15


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Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 95
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

I was ten years old when Allah's Apostle arrived at Medina. My mother and aunts used to urge me to serve the Prophet regularly, and I served him for ten years. When the Prophet died I was twenty years old, and I knew about the order of Al-Hijab (veiling of ladies) more than any other person when it was revealed. It was revealed for the first time when Allah's Apostle had consummated his marriage with Zainab bint Jahsh. When the day dawned, the Prophet was a bridegroom and he invited the people to a banquet, so they came, ate, and then all left except a few who remained with the Prophet for a long time. The Prophet got up and went out, and I too went out with him so that those people might leave too. The Prophet proceeded and so did I, till he came to the threshold of 'Aisha's dwelling place. Then thinking that these people have left by then, he returned and so did I along with him till he entered upon Zainab and behold, they were still sitting and had not gone. So the Prophet again went away and I went away along with him. When we reached the threshold of 'Aisha's dwelling place, he thought that they had left, and so he returned and I too, returned along with him and found those people had left. Then the Prophet drew a curtain between me and him, and the Verses of Al-Hijab were revealed.

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 96
Narrated Anas:

When 'Abdur-Rahman bin 'Auf married an Ansari woman, the Prophet asked him, "How much Mahr did you give her?" 'Abdur-Rahman said, "Gold equal to the weight of a date stone." Anas added: When they (i.e. the Prophet and his companions) arrived at Medina, the emigrants stayed at the Ansar's houses. 'Abdur-Rahman bin 'Auf stayed at Sad bin Ar-Rabi's house. Sad said to 'Abdur-Rahman, "I will divide and share my property with you and will give one of my two wives to you." 'Abdur-Rahman said, "May Allah bless you, your wives and property (I am not in need of that; but kindly show me the way to the market)." So 'Abdur-Rahman went to the market and traded there gaining a profit of some dried yoghurt and butter, and married (an Ansari woman). The Prophet said to him, "Give a banquet, even if with one sheep."

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 97
Narrated Anas:

The Prophet did not give a better wedding banquet on the occasion of marrying any of his wives than the one he gave on marrying Zainab, and that banquet was with (consisted of) one sheep.

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 98
Narrated Anas:

Allah's Apostle manumitted Safiyya and then married her, and her Mahr was her manumission, and he gave a wedding banquet with Hais (a sort of sweet dish made from butter, cheese and dates).

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 99
Narrated Anas:

The Prophet consummated his marriage with a woman (Zainab), so he sent me to invite men to the meals.

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 100
Narrated Thabit:

The marriage of Zainab bint Jahash was mentioned in the presence of Anas and he said, "I did not see the Prophet giving a better banquet on marrying any of his wives than the one he gave on marrying Zainab. He then gave a banquet with one sheep."

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 101
Narrated Safiyya bint Shaiba:

The Prophet gave a banquet with two Mudds of barley on marrying some of his wives. (1 Mudd= 1 3/4 of a kilogram) .

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 102
Narrated  Abdullah bin 'Umar:

Allah's Apostle said, "If anyone of you is invites to a wedding banquet, he must go for it (accept the invitation) ."

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 103
Narrated Abu Musa:

The Prophet said, "Set the captives free, accept the invitation (to a wedding banquet), and visit the patients."

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 104
Narrated Al-Bara' bin 'Azib:

The Prophet ordered us to do seven (things) and forbade us from seven. He ordered us to visit the patients, to follow the funeral procession, to reply to the sneezer (i.e., say to him, 'Yarhamuka-l-lah (May Allah bestow His Mercy upon you), if he says 'Al-hamdulillah' (Praise be to Allah), to help others to fulfill their oaths, to help the oppressed, to greet (whomever one should meet), and to accept the invitation (to a wedding banquet). He forbade us to wear golden rings, to use silver utensils, to use Mayathir (cushions of silk stuffed with cotton and placed under the rider on the saddle), the Qasiyya (linen clothes containing silk brought from an Egyptian town), the Istibraq (thick silk) and the Dibaj (another kind of silk). (See Hadith No. 539 and 753).

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 105
Narrated Sahl bin Sad:

Abu Usaid As-Sa'di invited Allah's Apostle to his wedding party and his wife who was the bride, served them on that day. Do you know what drink she gave Allah's Apostle? She had soaked some dates for him (in water) overnight, and when he had finished his meal she gave him that drink (of soaked dates).

Band: 7, Buch: 62, Nummer: 106
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The worst food is that of a wedding banquet to which only the rich are invited while the poor are not invited. And he who refuses an invitation (to a banquet) disobeys Allah and His Apostle .

Ansicht von 97-108 von 179 Ahadith, Seite 9/15


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